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South Fork Negrito Creek Bridge

This project consists of replacing an existing bridge structure on Forest Route 141 (MP 24.36) over the South Fork Negrito Creek in Catron County, New Mexico.  The existing single-span bridge’s overall length is 40.8-ft and width (out-out) measures 26.4-ft.  The existing roadway width is 24.0-ft.

The South Fork Negrito Bridge was constructed in 1959 and is past its design life of 50 years.  The deck has areas of delamination, the curbs are 100% delaminated and spalled, and the stringers have flexure cracks. The most recent inspection report indicates the structural evaluation of the bridge to be in poor condition.  The proposed project will replace this bridge with a similar structure, add bridge rail, guardrail, and pave approaches 100' on each side of the bridge to keep rocks/debris/soil off the deck and to prevent sediment from entering.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertise: Fall/Winter 2023

Construction: Summer 2024

Project Photos