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New Mexico Projects

In Development

Project # Project Name Location
NM FTFS 233(1) Aquatic Organism Passage Improvements at Tularosa River Catron County
NM FLAP 159(1) Catwalk Access Road Catron County
NM FAA DEM(1) Deming Access Road Dona Ana County
NM FLAP SR35(1) Grant County Bridges Grant County Bridges San Juan County
NM FLAP TAO B007(1) John Dunn Bridges John Dunn Bridges Taos County
NM FLAP SIE 10(1) Lakeshore Road Lakeshore Road Sierra County
NM FLAP SJU 10(1) Cottonwood Campground Bridge Navajo Lake State Park Cottonwood Campground Bridge San Juan County
NM DAR MAFR AV(1) N Roosevelt Road AV North Roosevelt Road Cannon Air Force Base/Melrose Air Force Range
NM FLAP CHA TR(1) Pecos Valley Trail Pecos Valley Trail Chaves County
NM FS 220(1) Romero Creek Bridge Catron County
NM FS 141(1) South Fork Negrito Creek Bridge Catron County
NM FLAP Trail 52000(2) 2nd Street SW Corridor Phase 2 Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge 2nd Street SW Corridor Bernalillo County
NM FLAP TAO CB110(1) Veterans Memorial Road Veteran's Memorial Road Taos County

Under Construction

Project # Project Name Location
NM FTFW LAVE 10(1) Entrance Road and Visitor Parking Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center Parking Lot Rehabilitation San Miguel County
NM FLAP NM 152(1) NM 152 Bridges New Mexico 152 Bridges Sierra County
NM FTFW RIMO 10(1) Entrance Road and Parking Areas Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge Entrance Road and Visitor Center Mora County
NM FTBL 2004(1) Wild Rivers Road Wild Rivers Back Country Byway Taos County