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Fletcher’s Boathouse Site Improvements

Project Description

The project will provide entrance and site improvements to the Fletcher's Boathouse Recreational Area. The work will include converting the existing one-lane, two-way entrance from Canal Road for pedestrian/bicyclist use only, constructing a new vehicular two-lane two-way ramp, updating the existing Traffic signal at Canal Road and the entrance to the site intersection.

Additional improvements will be as follows:
1) Providing new traffic signals at the Fletcher's Boathouse Tunnel approaches and repairing the tunnel.
2) Improving accessibility to the concession area.
3) Replacement of Boathouse Bridges 1 and 2 to improve capacity.
4) Resurfacing Abner House Parking Area.
5) Improvements to the lower Parking Area consisting of replacement of curb stops and signs.

Design method will be A/E (Architect and Engineer) Design Services Procurement.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertisement and Award: 2026

Construction: 2026-2027

Project Photos