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District of Columbia Projects

In Development

Project # Project Name Location
CHOH 238(1) Fletcher’s Boathouse Site Improvements Washington, District of Columbia
NAMA 11(7), 506(2) Ohio Drive and West Basin Drive Pavement Rehabilitation District of Columbia
DC FLAP DOT GALWY (1) Sidewalk Additions Along Galloway Street Washington, District of Columbia
ROCR 503(1), 24(2) Waterside Drive NW Pavement Reconstruction and Streetlight Replacements Washington, District of Columbia

Under Construction


Project # Project Name Location
NAMA 20(2), 502(6), 503(4) 17th Street, EB & WB Independence Avenue, and E&W Tidal Basin Turnaround Pavement Rehabilitation, and Maine Avenue Bridge Pavement Resurfacing District of Columbia
GWMP 11(4), 11(7) Arlington Memorial Bridge Rehabilitation District of Columbia