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Beach Drive from Rock Creek Parkway to Maryland State Line

Construction Update:

Construction was substantially completed on Monday, September 16, 2019.  Segment 4 was opened to traffic on September 27, 2019.

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Project Description

Pavement reconstruction of Beach Drive from Rock Creek Parkway to Maryland State Line; reconstruction of Harvard Street ramp; bridge and parking area rehabilitation; multi-use trail rehabilitation and construction, including concrete curb and gutter, storm sewer replacement, traffic signal and street light replacement, permanent signing and striping, and other miscellaneous work.

The reconstruction of Beach Drive (6.45 miles) will be completed in four phases. Each phase will close a segment of Beach Drive to vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Separate vehicular and pedestrian detours will be signed and maintained during times of closures along Beach Drive. The segments of work are sub-divided as follows:

Segment 1: Shoreham Drive to Tilden Street/Park Road (1.82 miles)

Work includes the reconstruction of Beach Drive (from Shoreham Drive to Tilden Street), the reconstruction of the Rock Creek trail, the rehabilitation of Zoo Tunnel Bridge and the Zoo Tunnel (including sidewalk widening), the rehabilitation of the ramp to Harvard Street, street light replacement, traffic signal replacement at Tilden Street intersection, and other work. Access to the National Zoo driveway and Harvard Street Ramp will be closed.

Segment 2: Tilden Street/Park Road to Broad Branch Road (0.34 miles)

Work includes reconstruction of Beach Drive (from Tilden Street/Park Road to Broad Branch Road), rehabilitation of Blagden Bridge and Parking Area, traffic signal replace at Tilden Street intersection and other work.

Segment 3: Broad Branch Road to Joyce Road (1.59 miles)

Work includes the reconstruction of Beach Drive (from Broad Branch Road to Joyce Road), rehabilitation of Boulder Bridge and Joyce Road box culvert, reconstruction of the Park Police Station parking area and other work.

Segment 4: Joyce Road to Maryland State Line (2.70 miles)

Work includes the reconstruction of Beach Drive (from Joyce Road to the Maryland State Line), rehabilitation of Joyce Road box culvert, rehabilitation of Milkhouse Ford Bridge and Pinehurst Branch Bridge; reconstruction/rehabilitation of parking areas, and other work.

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