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ADA Transition Plan and Inventory Map

Accessible Transportation for All Americans

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is committed to keeping our nation’s transportation systems accessible to all, including Americans with disabilities. State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) can leverage federal funding to prioritize the reduction and elimination of inaccessible pedestrian facilities in the public right-of-way.

On the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) published a Dear Colleague Letter reaffirming its commitment to Americans with disabilities by launching an effort to update the Agency’s website to help State DOTs and the public understand and better utilize ADA Transition Plans.

View the full Dear Colleague Letter

ADA Transition Plans are required by the ADA and provide a plan for removal of physical barriers to accessibility in transportation systems and facilities for people with disabilities. ADA Transition Plans should be updated periodically until the inventory of all accessibility barriers is eliminated.

The FHWA State DOT ADA Transition Plan and Inventories Map

In November 2023, FHWA launched this new State DOT ADA Transition Plans and Inventories webpage to provide the public with deeper insight into the strides that State DOTs have made in addressing the pre-ADA legacy of inaccessible pedestrian facilities. The webpage includes an interactive map (below) that allows users to:

  • Access links to State ADA Transition Plans
  • See the acceptance status for each ADA Transition Plan
  • View the available inventory data for each State, organized by type of data (geospatial, etc.) and whether the data are public available and accessible

We encourage using the State DOT ADA Transition Plan and Inventory website and accompanying background and tutorial as a tool to better understand how State DOTs are planning to remove infrastructure barriers identified in the State ADA Transition Plans and how federal resources can be used towards improving transportation access for all. Please contact if you have new information to update the Map.

The USDOT Bureau of Transportation Statistics is organizing a working group on pedestrian infrastructure data under the Federal Geographic Data Committee's Geospatial Transportation Subcommittee. To find information about and participate in the voluntary working group, please visit the working group community at

Access the State DOT ADA Transition Plan and Inventory Mapping Application (link opens in a new tab)

screen capture of the State DOT ADA Transition Plan and Inventory Mapping Application, showing map of the United States, with states labeled and color-coded to represent when their ADA Transition Plan was last updated

Points of Contact

Sharon Field
ADA Program Team Leader
(202) 366-4634

Melissa Anderson
ADA Program Analyst

Betzaida "Betzy" Morales
ADA Program Analyst
(202) 366-1595

Todd Webb
ADA Program Analyst
(771) 215-0687

Morgan Hecht
ADA Program Analyst
(720) 668-3781

Jodi McCann
ADA Program Analyst
(202) 527-0758

Eric Hathaway
ADA Program Analyst
(607) 279-4908