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FHWA Highway Safety Programs

Community Pairing Pilot

The purpose of Vision Zero Community Pairing Pilot is to provide Vision Zero communities with a platform for sharing information and practices, assessing strategies and actions, and forging beneficial learning relationships among Vision Zero peers. This effort is starting as a pilot with two pairing paths: mentor/mentee or similar communities.

There are benefits to each type of community pairing relationship. In the first scenario, the mentee community learns how the more experienced community plans, implements, and evaluates Vision Zero efforts, and learns from experiences. In turn, the more experienced community has the opportunity, through sharing its experiences, to get “fresh” input about its program from the mentee and take stock of its current Vision Zero related activities. In the second scenario, two similar communities leverage one another as sounding boards for how to address similar issues, exchange information they learn from other Vision Zero programs, and support one another from shared experiences.

In implementing the Pilot, the FHWA adapted select elements from a model in North Carolina. This model focuses on collaborative Vision Zero planning and work that the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill has been developing for the past few years.

As of January 2022, the pilot community pairs are:

  • Richmond, VA and Tampa, FL: mentor/mentee
  • Portland, OR and Minneapolis, MN: similar communities
  • Metro (Portland area MPO), OR and Broward County MPO, FL: mentor/mentee

Updates on Pilot Activities

Every quarter, the pilot communities take turns to highlight some of their efforts.

  • In February, Mike Sawyer and his colleagues from Richmond, VA presented on the topic of quick build projects. Communities who were not able to be paired as part of the pilot also participated. Following the presentation, participants shared their experiences through their practices, lessons learned, and challenges they are working to overcome.
  • In May, Lake McTighe from Metro, OR (Portland area MPO) and Clay Veka from the Portland Bureau of Transportation presented on their joint efforts to address safety on urban arterials in Portland.
  • Staff from Richmond, VA traveled to Tampa, FL; and staff from Tampa traveled to Richmond in April and May, respectively, to learn and gain feedback from one another’s Vision Zero implementation efforts. A summary of these visits will be added to this page soon.

rendering of improvements to a major boulevard: bikes lanes on each side and a median strip with dedicated left turn lanes

Rendering of Portland’s SE Division Street that was redesigned to provide safe and equitable access to all road users. Source: Portland Bureau of Transportation

Last updated: Tuesday, September 27, 2022