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FHWA Highway Safety Programs

Contact Information

Office of Safety
Staff and Primary Work Responsibilities

Cheryl Walker, Associate Administrator

March 2020

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Administrative Support Shannon Ford 202-366-8568
American Public Works Association (APWA) Liaison Rosemarie Anderson 202-366-5007
Automotive Vehicles Karen Timpone 202-366-2327
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Barrier Terminals Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
Basemap/Roadway Inventory Development Sarah Pascual 202-366-0087
Bicyclists Tamara Redmon 202-366-4077
Breakaway Sign and Luminaire Supports Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
Bridge Railings Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
Budget/Finance (GOE)  Yvonne Willams 202-366-4668
Budget/Finance (Program) Yvonne Willams 202-366-4668
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Conference Planning and Coordination Tara McLoughlin 202-366-2176
Congressional Coordination Jennifer Warren 202-366-2201
Connected Automotive Vehicles Karen Timpone 202-366-2327
Crash Cushions Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
Crash Modification Factors Karen Scurry 609-637-4207
Crash Test Laboratory Accreditation Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
Crashworthy Work Zone Traffic Control Devices Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
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Data and Statistics Technical Assistance Marc Starnes 202-366-2186


Data Analysis Processes and Tools Jerry Roche 515-233-7323
Data Driven Safety Analysis Jerry Roche 515-233-7323
Data Standards and Quality Sarah Pascual 202-366-0087
Driver Related Programs (Safety grants and penalties) Sarah Pascual 202-366-0087
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External Coordination Norah Ocel 202-366-2175
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Focused Approach to Safety and Coordination Cathy Satterfield 708-283-3552
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Government Accountability Office (GAO) Liaison Shirley Thompson 202-366-2154
Geometric Design Jeff Shaw 202-738-7793
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High Risk Rural Roads Program Sarah Weissman Pascual 202-366-0087
Highway-Rail Grade Crossings- Program Esther Strawder 202-366-6836
Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Karen Scurry 609-637-4207
Highway Safety Manual Jerry Roche 515-233-7323
Highway Safety Partnership Venture Norah Ocel 202-366-2175
Horizontal Curve Safety Joseph Cheung 202-366-6994
Human Factors Rosemarie Anderson 202-366-5007
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Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM) Jerry Roche 515-233-7323
Interchange Safety Jeff Shaw 708-283-3524
International Coordination Felix Delgado 202-366-9156
Intersection Safety Jeff Shaw 708-283-3524
ITS and Connected Vehicle Program Karen Timpone 202-366-2327
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Legislation Jennifer Warren 202-366-2201
Local & Rural Roads Safety Cross Office Work Group Rosemarie Anderson 202-366-5007
Local/Tribal Technical Assistance Program (LTAP/TTAP) Liaison Rosemarie Anderson 202-366-5007
Longitudinal Barriers Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
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Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Rosemarie Anderson 202-366-5007
Marketing/Outreach Tara McLoughlin 202-366-2176
Model Inventory of Roadway Elements (MIRE) Sarah Pascual 202-366-0087
Motorcyclist Road Safety Guan Xu 202-366-5892
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National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Liaison Shirley Thompson 202-366-2154
NCHRP Coordination Shirley Thompson 202-366-2154
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Office of Inspector General (OIG) Liaison Shirley Thompson 202-366-2154
Older Road Users Guan Xu 202-366-5892
Operation Lifesaver Esther Strawder 202-366-6836
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Partnership Norah Ocel 202-366-2175
Pavement Safety- Pavement Friction Joseph Cheung 202-366-6994
Peer Exchanges (in person and online) Felix Delgado 202-366-9156
Pedestrians Tamara Redmon 202-366-4077
Performance Management Danielle Betkey 202-366-9417
Policy Coordination Jennifer Warren 202-366-2201
Publications (Planning and Development) Tara McLoughlin 202-366-2176
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RD&T Coordination (Technical Service Team and Office of Research) Shirley Thompson 202-366-2154
Red-Light Running Jeff Shaw 708-283-3524
Research Roadmap Coordination Shirley Thompson 202-366-2154
Road Diets (Roadway Reconfiguration) Becky Crowe 202-507-3699
Road Safety Audits  Becky Crowe 202-507-3699
Roadside Design Guide Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
Roadside Hardware Eligibility Process Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
Roadside Policy and Clear Zone Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
Roadside Safety System Designer, Inspection, & Maintenance Program Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
Road to Zero Coalition Norah Ocel 202-366-2175
Roadway Data Improvement Program Sarah Pascual 202-366-0087
Roadway Safety Capacity Building Felix Delgado 202-366-9156
Roadway Safety Data Capability Assessment Sarah Pascual 202-366-0087
Roadway Safety Data Program Sarah Pascual 202-366-0087
Roundabouts Jeff Shaw 708-283-3524
Rumble Strips/Stripes Cathy Satterfield 708-283-3552
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Safety Advisory Group Chimai Ngo 202-366-1231
Safety Data & Analysis Technical Assistance Sarah Pascual 202-366-0087
Safety Data Management & Governance Esther Strawder 202-366-6836
Safety Discipline Felix Delgado 202-366-9156
Safety Edge Cathy Satterfield 708-283-3552
Safety Program Strategic Plan Barbara McCann 202-366-8016
Safety Statistics and Data Requests Marc Starnes 202-366-2186
Section 130 – Railway Highway Crossings Esther Strawder 202-366-6836
Speed Management Program Guan Xu 202-366-5892
State-Local Safety Data Integration Esther Strawder 202-366-6836
Strategic Communications Tara McLoughlin 202-366-2176
Strategic Highway Safety Plans Danielle Betkey 202-366-9417
Strategic Implementation Plan Shirley Thompson 202-366-2154
Structures and Bridge Railings Aimee Zhang 202-366-6537
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Towards Zero Deaths Initiative Chimai Ngo 202-366-1231
Traffic Records Coordinating Committee Mike Griffith 202-366-9469
Transportation Safety Planning Chimai Ngo 202-366-2157
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Visibility-Lighting Joseph Cheung 202-366-6994
Visibility-Retroreflectivity Cathy Satterfield 708-283-3552
Vision Zero Chimai Ngo 202-366-2157
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Website Management Tara McLoughlin 202-366-2176
Work Zones Phillip Bobitz 717-221-4574