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The latest additions are in bold

Adams, Rick, and McCorkle, Louise, The California Highway 1 Book, Ballantine Books, 1985.

Anderson, Mary Elizabeth, Link Across America: A Story of the Historic Lincoln Highway, Rayve Productions, 1997. (A children's book about the Lincoln Highway.)

Ballato, Josie, Along Virginia's Route 15, Arcadia Publishing, 2008. (This book, an entry in Arcadia's Postcard History Series, uses postcard images to describe U.S. 15, also known as the James Madison Highway, through Virginia's Piedmont.)

Beal, Richard A., Highway 17: The Road to Santa Cruz, 2nd edition, The Pacific Group, 1991. (A well-illustrated history of State Highway 17 from San Jose to Santa Cruz, California.)

Butko, Brian, Greetings from the Lincoln Highway: America's First Coast-to-Coast Road, Stackpole Books, 2005. (A history of the Lincoln Highway with State-by-State information on history, routings, and travel.)

Cappasso, Tony, America's Highway: A Journal of Discovery Along US Route 1, Amazon Digital Services, 2012 (for Kindle download only).

Coates, Ken, North to Alaska! Fifty Years on the World's Most Remarkable Highway, University of Alaska Press, 1991. (The story of the Alaska Highway.)

Cribb, John, A Field Guide to Interstate 95, Madison Books, 1989.

Cupper, Dan, The Pennsylvania Turnpike: A History, Applied Arts Publishers (P.O. Box 479, Lebanon, Pennsylvania 17042), Second Revised Edition, 2001. (Excellent history of this landmark turnpike, updated for the 60th anniversary.)

Dakelman, Mitchell E., and Schorr, Neal A., The Pennsylvania Turnpike, Images of America, Arcadia Publishing, 2004. (Heavily illustrated history of the turnpike in the Images of America format.)

Dellinger, Matt, Interstate 69: The Unfinished History of the Last Great American Highway, Simon and Schuster, 2010. (Discusses extension of I-69 from Indianapolis to the border, focusing on the "complex political, social, and economic landscape" affecting the plan. As Dellinger states, "I-69 is the best of highways. It is the worst of highways. It could be the last great interstate built in America. Or it might never be finished at all.")

Dickinson, W. Calvin, The Walton Road: A Nineteenth Century Wilderness Highway in Tennessee, Self-published, 2007. (Available from

Finley, Eric J., The Old U.S. 80 Highway Travel's Guide, Narrow Road Communications and Inkling Communications Design, 1997. (Although U.S. was once a transcontinental highway ending in San Diego, it now ends in Texas. This book is a guide to western end, Phoenix to San Diego.)

Flood, Chuck, Washington's Sunset Highway, Images of America, Arcadia Publishing, 2014. (Photographs depict the Sunset Highway, part of U.S. 10, in pre-freeway days.)

Flood, Chuck, Washington's Highway 99, Images of America, Arcadia Publishing, 2013. (Collection of photographs and postcards depict U.S. 99 in the Images format.)

Freeth, Nick, Pacific Coast Highway, MBI Publishing Company, 2003. (This is a well-illustrated guide to U.S. 101 and parts of CA 1 along the West Coast.)

Garden State Parkway, Images of America, Arcadia Publishing, 2013. (Prepared by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, this book tells the story of the Garden State Parkway in the heavily illustrated Images of America style.)

Genovese, Peter, The Great American Road Trip: U.S. 1 Maine to Florida, Rutgers University Press, 1999. (Take a road trip on what was once the East Coast's main highway-and meet some quirky people and unusual businesses along the way.)

Gillespie, Angus Kress, and Rockland, Michael Aaron, Looking for America on the New Jersey Turnpike, Rutgers University Press, 1989. (This has become something of a classic.)

Great Highways of the World: Spectacular Journeys Across Some of the World's Most Breathtaking Scenery, Rand McNally, 1995. (A collection of articles describes roads around the world, from the Appian Way to Highway 1 in California.)

Great Journeys: 20th Century Journeys Along the Great Historic Highways of the World, A Touchstone Book, 1990. (A companion to a PBS documentary tracing the Burma Road, the Pan American Highway, the Silk Road, and other roads around the world.)

Gegory, Marvin, and Smith, David P., The Million Dollar Highway, Western Reflections, 1997. (Well illustrated life-and-times history of "The Million Dollar Highway" Ouray-to-Durango segment of the scenic San Juan Skyway (U.S. 550) in southwestern Colorado.)

Hart, Steven, The Last Three Miles: Politics, Murder, and the Construction of America's First Superhighway, The New Press, 2010. (The story behind completion of the Pulaski Skyway in New Jersey.)

Hokanson, Drake, The Lincoln Highway, University of Iowa Press, 1988. (Excellent history of the best known highway of the early years of the 20th century.)

Ingram, Tammy, Dixie Highway: Road Building and the Making of the Modern South, 1900-1930, The University of North Carolina Press, 2014. (Discusses the history of the Dixie Highway and its impact on the South and the national road network.)

Jaffe, Eric, The King's Best Highway: The Lost History of the Boston Post Road, the Route That Made America, Scribner, 2010.

Jensen, Jamie, Road Trip USA: Cross-Country Adventures on America's Two-Lane Highways, Moon Publications, Inc., 2nd Edition, 1999. (P.O. Box 3040, Chico, California 95927-3040, internet: (Includes long sections of tips and information for travelers on U.S. Routes 2, U.S. 20, U.S. 50, U.S. 80, and other routes.)

Jensen, Jeff, Drive the Broadway of America: Your Travel Guide to the U.S. 80 and Bankhead Highways Across the American Southwest,, 2nd edition, 2013. (Jensen provides a detailed guide, with maps and illustrations, for travel through the Southwest on the Bankhead Highway, once a transcontinental highway, and its 1920s successor, U.S. 80.)

Krakow, Jere L., Washington D.C., Area Parkways, Historic Resource Study, National Park Service, 1990. (The story of the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway, George Washington Memorial Parkway, Suitland Parkway, and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.)

Kroplick, Howard, and Velocci, Al, The Long Island Motor Parkway, Images of America, Arcadia Publishing, 2008.

Kupperberg, Paul, The Alaska Highway, Chelsea House Publishers, 2009. (Part of Chelsea House's series Building America: Then and Now.)

Lapolla, Michael, and Suszka, Thomas A., The New Jersey Turnpike, Images of America, Arcadia Publishing, 2005. (Heavily illustrated history of the turnpike in the Images of America format.)

Larned, Larry, Traveling the Merritt Parkway, Arcadia Publishing, 1998. (A photo-and-text history in the Images of America series.)

Lilliefors, James, U.S. 50: Ain't That America, Fulcrum, 1993.

The Lincoln Highway: The Story of a Crusade That Made Transportation History, Dodd, Mead and Company, 1935. (Official history by the Lincoln Highway Association.)

Lincoln Highway Forum, the Official Journal of the Lincoln Highway Association. (Since Vol. 1, No. 1, in Fall 1993, the new LHA has published this quarterly journal of news, historic and recent travel accounts, and scholarly articles about the Lincoln Highway.)

Livingston, Jill, and Maloof, Kathryn Golden, That Ribbon of Highway I: Highway 99 from the Oregon Border to the State Capital, Living Gold Press, 2000 (Second Edition). That Ribbon of Highway II: Highway 99 from the State Capital to the Mexican Border, Living Gold Press, 1999. That Ribbon of Highway III: Highway 99 Through the Pacific Northwest (2003). (Three volumes on the history and present life of the former Pacific Highway and former U.S. 99 in California, Oregon, and Washington. Good text, lots of photos.)

Malcolm, Andrew H., and Straus III, Roger, U.S. 1: America's Original Main Street, St. Martin's Press, 1991.

Mangum, Richard K. and Sherry G., The National Old Trail Road in Arizona, Hexagon Press, Inc., 2008. ("The Fascinating Story of the Legendary Highway that Became Route 66.")

McKeen, William Highway 61: A Father-and-Son Journey Through the Middle of America, (W.W. Norton and Company, 2003). (A trip from Minnesota to Louisiana on U.S. 61, with emphasis on the blues and rock and roll along the way.)

McNichol, Dan, and Ryan, Andy, The Big Dig, Silver Lining Books, 2000. (Text and photographic history of development and construction of the Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel Project. Explains why this has been one of the most challenging engineering projects in the history of the Interstate System.)

McNichol, Dan, The Big Dig at Night, Silver Lining Books, 2001. (Photographs by Stephen SetteDucati.)

Meeks, Harold A., On the Road to Yellowstone: The Yellowstone Trail and American Highways 1900-1930, Pictorial Histories Publishing Company, Inc., 2000. (The history of one of the better known transcontinental highways of the named trail era.)

Mendieta, Ramiro Matos, and Barreiro, José, editors, The Great Inka Road: Engineering an Empire, National Museum of the American Indian in Association with Smithsonian Books, 2015. (A companion to an exhibit (2015-2018) of the same name, this book is a well-illustrated collection of 24 articles exploring the historical, structural, and cultural significance of the Inka road network.)

Miller, John E., Looking for History on Highway 14, Iowa State University Press, 1993. (U.S. 14, the Black and Yellow Trail, in South Dakota.)

The Mohawk Trail: Historic Auto Trail Guide, Muddy River Press, 2003. (Guide to Route 2 from Boston, Massachusetts to Troy, New York, including the Taconic Trail.)

Newlon, Michael R., U.S. Route 395, Outskirts Press, 2009 (Newlon travels the 1,305 mile "Three Flags Highway" from the U.S./Canada border at Laurier, Washington to Hesperia, California, in his classic 1969 Porsche 912.)

Newlon, Michael R., U.S. Route 95, Outskirts Press, 2009 (Newlon travels "America's Desolation Highway" border to border from Eastport, Idaho, to San Luis, Arizona, in his classic 1969 Porsche 912.)

Newlon, Michael R., U.S. Route 99, Outskirts Press, 2010 (Newlon travels the full length of former U.S. Route 99, from the Mexican border at Calexico, California, to the highway's historic northern terminus at Blaine, Washington, and the Canadian border. He makes the trip, again, in his classic 1969 Porsche 912.)

The Ocean Highway: New Brunswick, New Jersey to Jacksonville, Florida, Modern Age Books, 1938. (Compilation of tours from the American Guide Series, mostly U.S. 13 from Hare's Corner, Delaware, to Norfolk, Virginia, and U.S. 17 from Norfolk to Jacksonville.)

Radde, Bruce, The Merritt Parkway, Yale University Press, 1993.

Ridge, Alice A. and John Wm., Introducing The Yellowstone Trail: A Good Road from Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound, Yellowstone Trail Publishers, 2000.

Roberge, Earl, U.S. 101: A Highway Adventure, Beautiful America Publishing Company, 1990. (Primarily a coffee table book of photographs.)

Roe, Bill, All the Way to Lincoln Way: Coast to Coast Bicycle Odyssey, Rowhouse Publishers, 2000. (Narrative of a bicycle trip across the country, west to east, on the Lincoln Highway, or parts of it. Excellent photography.)

Smith, Dan L., The Bankhead Highway in Texas, Bankhead Highway Publishing, 2013. (Provides a history of the Bankhead Highway, a transcontinental route (Washington, DC, to San Diego, CA) named after Senator John H. Bankhead (AL), known in his time as the "Father of Good Roads" because of his role in creating the Federal-aid highway program in 1916. The book's focus is on the route in Texas, with illustrations and maps.)

Snyder, Rachel Louise, "Camino Real: Seeking the Soul of America's First Superhighway," American Heritage. April/May 2004. (The early Spanish trail from Mexico City to Santa Fe featured in the magazine's annual Travel Issue.)

Steil, Tim, Highway 61 Revisited: 1,699 Miles From New Orleans to Pigeon River, MBI, 2004. (Heavily illustrated companion for travelers interested in the history, people, and culture of the highway.)

"The Sunshine Skyway Bridge: A History of Challenges," Florida Engineering Society Journal, March 1987. (A special section of articles about construction of the new Sunshine Skyway Bridge from St. Petersburg to Bradenton, Florida.)

Taylor, Michael C., Road of Difficulties: Building the Lower Columbia River Highway, Bear Creek Press, 2008. (The story of the almost forgotten road from Portland to the Pacific Ocean at Astoria, the twin of the upper route through the Historic Columbia River Highway.)

Tsipis, Yanni, Building the Mass Pike, Arcadia Publishing, 2002. (Photo essay on construction of the Massachusetts Turnpike in the Images of America series.)

Tsipis, Yanni, Boston's Central Artery, Arcadia, 2000. (Photo essay with captions describing construction of the Central Artery during the 1950's in the Images of America series.)

Twichell, Heath, Northwest Epic: The Building of the Alaska Highway, St. Martin's Press, 1992. (Special emphasis here on the black soldiers who helped build part of the original highway in 1942.)

Vanderwarker, Peter, The Big Dig: Reshaping an American City, Little, Brown, and Company, 2001. (Behind the scenes look at the Boston Central Artery/Tunnel Project for grade school children--and up!)

Wallis, Michael, and Williamson, Michael S., The Lincoln Highway: Coast to Coast from Times Square to the Golden Gate, W. W. Norton, 2007. (Wallis, author of one of the best books on U.S. 66, and Williamson turn to the Lincoln Highway for what the book calls "The Great American Road Trip." Chapters on the trip through each Lincoln Highway State.)

Willis, Peg, Building the Columbia River Highway: They Said It Couldn’t Be Done, The History Press, 2014. (Well illustrated history of this scenic wonder, built from 1913 to 1922.)

Winchester, Simon, American Heartbeat: Notes from a Midwestern Journey, Faber and Faber (London), 1976. (A trip along I-35. According to the author, this book sold about 12 copies, but it's pretty good. And he went on to other, better selling subjects.)

Whiteley, Lee and Whiteley, Jane, The Playground Trail, The National Park-to-Park Highway: To and Through the National Parks of the West in 1920, Published by the Whiteleys, 2003. (Copies available for $19.95 & $3.00 postage/handling, from the Whiteleys at 6077 South Elizabeth Way, Centennial, Colorado 80121).

Yolen-Cohen, Malerie D., Stay on Route 6: Your Guide to All 3,652 Miles of Transcontinental US Route 6, Published by Yolen-Cohen, 2012. (From the back cover: "Beginning on May 20, 2011, I set out from Provincetown, MA, and spent six weeks on the road driving through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California in order to provide road trippers with the best that US Route 6 has to offer."