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Introducing the Rambler, Semi-Retired

After reading Blue HighwaysOut West, and other highly praised highway travel books, the Rambler was disappointed. The books were mainly about the interesting people and places along the way, not the highways. The Rambler decided to do something about it. Since traveling the roads inevitably involves meeting interesting people and going interesting places, the Rambler decided to stay in his comfortable home and write about highways and whatever he felt like doing based on research in books, magazines, and newspapers. He worked on this project for several years, but retired from it in 1996 when he finally got cable.

After much badgering by the proprietor of this website, the Rambler has agreed to release some of his work on the Highway History page, with a bit of updating since he abandoned the project in 1996. But not much updating. After all, with 150 cable channels, who has time?

Additional items will appear periodically as the Rambler releases them.