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Mount Vernon Trail Bridges 31 and 32 Rehabilitation

Project Description

George Washington Memorial Parkway Mount Vernon Trail Bridge #31 trail users have reported noticeable deck deflection as well as a slippery deck surface, especially when wet, and have voiced concerns about the bridge safety. This bridge is used only by pedestrians and bicyclists. At the north end, the bridge currently has a second, approximately 90-foot long bridge, splitting from the main 1,400-foot long bridge at a sudden “T” intersection. The project will realign the north end of the bridge to eliminate the “T” intersection. The work will also include replacement of the bridges’ 12-foot wide decks and railing to provide a smoother riding surface, also providing additional structure reinforcement to eliminate deck deflection. The trail user traffic will be maintained during construction with the use of a detour. Project can be accessed from the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertisement and Award Letter:  Fall 2022
Construction:  Winter 2022

Project Photos