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FHWA Highway Safety Programs

4.0 Options for Additional Activities

Completing the analysis in this scenario results in an identified list of sites with potential for safety improvement and countermeasures selected for each location. If possible, the improvements can be implemented immediately, or the agency can develop a longer-term plan for implementing the countermeasures over time as funding and/or other resources become available.

Looking forward from implementing the treatments identified at each of the sites investigated in this safety analysis, there are other activities the agency could undertake to complement the work done thus far and continue to build community interest in road safety. The agency manager could:

  • Contact the stakeholders that were concerned about intersection safety in the community and gauge their interest in developing and participating in a community traffic safety committee. This committee could study traffic safety on other facilities in the community, or study and develop action plans for behavioral safety issues, if appropriate.
  • If there is sufficient interest, this committee also could include staff members from the sheriff’s department and the community hospital or clinic.
  • Collaborate with police enforcement in the community to enhance enforcement throughout the community.
  • Conduct a network screening analysis on another type of intersection or roadway in the community.

Resources about these activities can be found in the Toolkit.