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Arizona Projects

In Development

Project # Project Name Location
AZ FLAP SR88(1) Apache Trail Maricopa County
AZ FS 24(1) Buffalo Crossing Bridge Buffalo Crossing Bridge Greenlee County
AZ FLAP SR181(1) Chiricahua Access Road Cochise County
AZ FLAP SR261(1) Eagar to Crescent Lake Apache County
AZ FLAP 202(2), Red Cloud Mine Road Red Cloud Mine Road Yuma
AZ FTNP LAKE 113(2) Willow Beach Road Mohave County

Under Construction

Project # Project Name Location
AZ FTFW BUAI 10(3), 11(1) Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge Public Access Improvements Pima County, Arizona
AZ FLAP 439(1) and AZ FLAP 202(1) Martinez Lake Road and Red Cloud Mine Road Martinez Lake Road and Red Cloud Mine Yuma County


Project # Project Name Location
AZ/NM FTFS 275(1) Stone Creek AOP Improvements Aquatic Organism Passage Improvements at Bob Thomas Creek and Stone Creek Apache County, AZ
AZ FLAP 62(1) King Canyon Trailhead King Canyon Trailhead Pima County
AZ FTFS 104(1) Mingus Mountain Mingus Mountain Yavapai County
AZ FTBR Levee Road(1) Pave Levee Road Pave Levee Road Yuma County
AZ NPS PP GRCA 2019(2) Pavement Preservation Grand Canyon Coconino County