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Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center Staff Directory

Office of Research, Development, and Technology [+]

Program Management [HRT-1]

Regal, Kelly

Associate Administrator for Research, Development, and Technology (RD&T) and the Director of Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC)

Yumlu, Beth

Special Assistant

Manarchy, Matthew

Executive Assistant

Office of Infrastructure Research and Development [+]

Program Management [HRDI-1]

Swanlund, Mark

Research Program Manager

Fitzgerald, Cara

Program Coordinator

Thompson, Monique

Administrative Assistant

Infrastructure Materials Team [HRDI-10]

Youtcheff, Jr., John S (Jack)

Team Leader, Infrastructure Materials Team

Spragg, Robert

Research Civil Engineer

Adams, Michael Thomas

Research Civil Engineer

Meininger, Richard C (Rick)

Research Highway Engineer

Mensching, David

Research Materials Engineer


Research Materials Engineer

Arnold, Terry

Senior Research Chemist

Akter, Nusnin

Research Chemist

Infrastructure Analysis and Construction Team [HRDI-20]

Petros, Katherine A

Team Leader, Infrastructure Analysis and Construction Team


Highway Research Engineer

Sivaneswaran, Nadarajah (Siva)

Highway Research Engineer

Azari, Hoda

Nondestructive Evaluation Program and Laboratory Manager

Kessler, Morgan

Preservation Research Engineer

Duwadi, Sheila R

Principal Infrastructure Safety and Security Research Engineer

Corrigan, Matthew

Research Civil Engineer

Long-Term Infrastructure Performance Team [HRDI-30]

Nehme, Jean

Team Leader, Long-Term Infrastructure Performance Team

Zobel, Robert

Coordinator, Long-Term Bridge Performance Program

Wiser, Larry J

Highway Research Engineer

Jiang, Yan (Jane)

Highway Research Engineer

Walker, Deborah M

Highway Research Engineer


Manager, Coating and Corrosion Program and Laboratory

Bhide, Shrinivas

Research Civil Engineer

Lu, Ping

Research Structural Engineer

Jalinoos, Farrokh (Frank)

Research Structural Engineer

Bridge Engineering Team [HRDI-40]

Graybeal, Benjamin A (Ben)

Team Leader, Bridge Engineering Team

Kerenyi, Kornel

Hydraulics Research Program and Laboratory Manager

Nicks, Jennifer E

Research Geotechnical Engineer


Research Materials Engineer

Ocel, Justin

Structural Steel Research Program Manager

Haber, Zachary

Structural Engineer

Pagenkopf, James

Hydraulics Research Engineer

Office of Safety Research and Development [+]

Program Management [HRDS-1]



Technical Direction and Coordination [HRDS-2]

Pol, James

Technical Director, Safety Research and Development

Abdi, Hiwot K

Management Analyst

Cobb, Lincoln

Technology Facilitator

SHRP2 Safety Implementation [HRDS-3]

Roadway Team [HRDS-10]

Zhang, Wei

Highway Research Engineer

Fessmann, Volker

Highway Research Engineer

Arispe, Eduardo

Research Mechanical Engineer

Davis, Gregory W (Greg)

Intelligent Transportation Systems Safety Research Program Manager

Ocel, Norah

Safety Design Engineer

Zineddin, Abdul

Speed Management/Transportation Specialist

Safety Data and Analysis Team [HRDS-20]

Chen, Shyuan-Ren (Clayton)

Team Leader, Roadway Team

Tan, Carol H

Team Leader, Safety Data and Analysis Team

Amjadi, Roya

Research Transportation Specialist

Eigen, Ana Maria

Research Highway Safety Specialist

Fay, Charles

SHRP 2 Safety Research Manager

Mohamedshah, Yusuf

SHRP 2 Safety Data Analyst

Banihashemi, Mohamadreza

Research Civil Engineer (Highway)

Human Factors Team [HRDS-30]

Philips, Brian

Team Leader, Human Factors Team

Do, Ann

Highway Research Engineer

Arnold, Michelle

Engineering Research Psychologist

Eisert, Jesse

Research Psychologist

Mero, Laura

Research Psychologist

Office of Operations Research and Development [+]

Program Management [HRDO-1]

Technical Direction [HRDO-2]

Andersen, Carl K

Technical Director, Operations Research and Development

VanGorder, Randy

Highway Research Engineer

Frizzell, Kristy

Administrative Assistant

Transportation Enabling Technologies Team [HRDO-10]

Thompson, Dale

Team Leader, Transportation Enabling Technologies Team

Huang, X. Peter

Highway Research Engineer

Bujanovic, Pavle

Highway Research Engineer


Transportation Operations Engineer

Vacant - Transportation Operations Engineer

Transportation Operations Engineer

Lochrane, Taylor

Civil Engineer

Transportation Operations Applications Team [HRDO-20]

McHale, Gene M

Team Leader, Transportation Operations Applications Team

Park, Hyungjun

Highway Research Engineer

Curtis, Deborah M

Highway Research Engineer

Vadakpat, Govindarajan

Research Transportation Specialist


Research Transportation Specialist

James, Rachel

Transportation Operations Engineer

Obenberger, Jon

Transportation Operations Engineer

Office of Corporate Research, Technology, and Innovation Management [+]

Program Management [HRTM-1]

Baker, Shana



Chief Scientist

Landolt, Jean S

Research and Technology Program Coordinator

Research and Technology Program Development and Partnership Team [HRTM-10]

Jernigan, Jack D

Team Director

Huie, Mary

Innovation Management/Technology Transfer Program Manager

Moulden, John

National Partnership Program Manager

Thor, Craig

Senior Legislative and Budget Analyst

Sergeson, Patricia

Transportation Pooled Fund Program Manager

Marketing and Communications Team [HRTM-20]

Shuler, Lisa A.

Team Director

Vanlandingham, Dawn

Information Management Specialist/Transportation Specialist

McCrae, TaMara

Management Analyst

Elliott, Kelley

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Romstedt, Maria

Publication Manager

Exploratory Advanced Research Team [HRTM-30]

Kuehn, David E

Team Director/Program Manager


Advanced Research Program Analyst

Shurbutt, Jim

Program Coordinator

Office of Resource Management [+]

Program Management [HRRM-1]

Laughman, Patricia A (Trisha)

Administrative Management Specialist

Lee, Angela

Administrative Management Specialist


Accountant/Financial Manager

Shehade, Christopher E

Senior Financial Manager