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Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center Staff Directory

Office of Research, Development, and Technology [+]

Program Management [HRT-1]

Kalla, Hari

Associate Administrator for Research, Development, and Technology (RD&T) and the Director of Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC)

Schmidt, Tim

Senior Advisor

Moyer, Joe

Scientific Quality Assurance Manager

Yumlu, Beth

Special Assistant

Hartwell, Ahmani

Executive Assistant

Office of Infrastructure Research and Development [+]

Program Management [HRDI-1]

Swanlund, Mark

Research Program Manager

Fitzgerald, Cara

Program Coordinator

Thompson, Monique

Administrative Assistant

Infrastructure Materials Team [HRDI-10]

Youtcheff, Jr., John S (Jack)

Team Leader, Infrastructure Materials Team

Becker, Donald (Chip)

Manager, Coating and Corrosion Program and Laboratory

Adams, Michael Thomas

Research Civil Engineer

Meininger, Richard C (Rick)

Research Highway Engineer

Mensching, David

Research Materials Engineer

Ardani, Ahmad

Research Materials Engineer

Sixbey, Dennis G

Research Materials Engineer

Arnold, Terry

Senior Research Chemist

Infrastructure Analysis and Construction Team [HRDI-20]

Petros, Katherine A

Team Leader, Infrastructure Analysis and Construction Team

Sherwood, James A

Highway Research Engineer

Sivaneswaran, Nadarajah (Siva)

Highway Research Engineer

Azari, Hoda

Nondestructive Evaluation Program and Laboratory Manager

Kessler, Morgan

Preservation Research Engineer

Duwadi, Sheila R

Principal Infrastructure Safety and Security Research Engineer

Corrigan, Matthew

Research Civil Engineer

Long-Term Infrastructure Performance Team [HRDI-30]

Nehme, Jean

Team Leader, Long-Term Infrastructure Performance Team

Zobel, Robert

Coordinator, Long-Term Bridge Performance Program

Walker, Deborah M

Highway Research Engineer

Wiser, Larry J

Highway Research Engineer

Jiang, Yan (Jane)

Highway Research Engineer

Springer, Jack H

Highway Research Engineer

Bhide, Shrinivas

Research Civil Engineer

Jalinoos, Farrokh (Frank)

Research Structural Engineer

Lu, Ping

Research Structural Engineer

Bridge Engineering Team [HRDI-40]

Graybeal, Benjamin A (Ben)

Team Leader, Bridge Engineering Team

Kerenyi, Kornel

Hydraulics Research Program and Laboratory Manager

Spragg, Robert

Research Civil Engineer

Nicks, Jennifer E

Research Geotechnical Engineer

Ocel, Justin

Structural Steel Research Program Manager

Haber, Zachary

Structural Engineer

Office of Safety Research and Development [+]

Program Management [HRDS-1]



Frizzell, Kristy

Administrative Assistant

Technical Direction and Coordination [HRDS-2]

Pol, James

Technical Director, Safety Research and Development

Abdi, Hiwot K

Management Analyst

Cobb, Lincoln

Technology Facilitator

SHRP2 Safety Implementation [HRDS-3]

Roadway Team [HRDS-10]

Zhang, Wei

Highway Research Engineer

Fessmann, Volker

Highway Research Engineer

Arispe, Eduardo

Research Mechanical Engineer

Davis, Gregory W (Greg)

Intelligent Transportation Systems Safety Research Program Manager

Ocel, Norah

Safety Design Engineer

Zineddin, Abdul

Speed Management/Transportation Specialist

Safety Data and Analysis Team [HRDS-20]

Chen, Shyuan-Ren (Clayton)

Team Leader, Roadway Team

Tan, Carol H

Team Leader, Safety Data and Analysis Team

Amjadi, Roya

Research Transportation Specialist

Eigen, Ana Maria

Research Highway Safety Specialist

Fay, Charles

SHRP 2 Safety Research Manager

Mohamedshah, Yusuf

SHRP 2 Safety Data Analyst

Vacant - Research Civil Engineer (Highway)

Research Civil Engineer (Highway)

Human Factors Team [HRDS-30]

Philips, Brian

Team Leader, Human Factors Team

Do, Ann

Highway Research Engineer

Arnold, Michelle

Engineering Research Psychologist

Vacant - Research Psychologist

Research Psychologist

Office of Operations Research and Development [+]

Program Management [HRDO-1]

Cronin, Brian


Technical Direction [HRDO-2]

Andersen, Carl K

Technical Director, Operations Research and Development

VanGorder, Randy

Highway Research Engineer

Klein, Janet S

Administrative Assistant

Transportation Enabling Technologies Team [HRDO-10]

Thompson, Dale

Team Leader, Transportation Enabling Technologies Team

Huang, X. Peter

Highway Research Engineer

Vacant - Transportation Operations Engineer

Transportation Operations Engineer

Yousuf, Mohammed

Transportation Operations Engineer

Lochrane, Taylor

Civil Engineer

Transportation Operations Applications Team [HRDO-20]

McHale, Gene M

Team Leader, Transportation Operations Applications Team

Curtis, Deborah M

Highway Research Engineer

Vadakpat, Govindarajan

Research Transportation Specialist


Research Transportation Specialist

Obenberger, Jon

Transportation Operations Engineer

James, Rachel

Transportation Operations Engineer

Office of Corporate Research, Technology, and Innovation Management [+]

Program Management [HRTM-1]

Baker, Shana


Porter, Jonathan

Chief Scientist

Landolt, Jean S

Research and Technology Program Coordinator

Research and Technology Program Development and Partnership Team [HRTM-10]

Jernigan, Jack D

Team Director

Huie, Mary

Innovation Management/Technology Transfer Program Manager

Moulden, John

National Partnership Program Manager

Thor, Craig

Senior Legislative and Budget Analyst

Pamplin, David

Transportation Pooled Fund Program Manager

Marketing and Communications Team [HRTM-20]

Shuler, Lisa A.

Team Director

Vanlandingham, Dawn

Information Management Specialist/Transportation Specialist

McCrae, TaMara

Management Analyst

Elliott, Kelley

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Romstedt, Maria

Publication Manager

Exploratory Advanced Research Team [HRTM-30]

Kuehn, David E

Team Director/Program Manager

Ellis, Zachary

Advanced Research Program Analyst

Shurbutt, Jim

Program Coordinator

Office of Resource Management [+]

Program Management [HRRM-1]

Cazenas, Patricia

Acting Director

Laughman, Patricia A (Trisha)

Administrative Management Specialist

Lee, Angela

Administrative Management Specialist

Nasabzadeh, Masoud

Research Facility Technical Support Specialist

Nguyen, Quang X

Accountant/Financial Manager

Shehade, Christopher E

Senior Financial Manager

Dupuy, Carmen

Administrative Assistant