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Synthesis of Congestion Pricing

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Start Date: 
Sunday, March 1, 2009
End Date: 
Thursday, September 30, 2010
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Tolling and Pricing Program
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Road Operations and Congestion--Tolling and Pricing Program
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Congestion Pricing; Environmental Impacts; Operations; Research; Highway Traffic Control; High Occupancy Toll Lanes
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Environment, Operations
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Operations and Traffic Management

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(202) 493-3275
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Transportation Enabling Technologies Team
Office of Operations Research and Development
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Sufficient and valid data regarding traveler behavior is a necessary input to the assessment of the environmental impacts of congestion pricing. At present, there are little data and no comprehensive assessment of how and why travelers actually respond to congestion pricing situations in the United States. In addition, travel and emissions models require improved data that will enable the models to identify the kinds of changes that result from road pricing. The purpose of this task order is to conduct preparatory work to support upcoming U.S. Department of Transportation evaluation efforts. This preparatory work includes the development of a synthesis report on the environmental impacts of congestion pricing in the United States as well in as other countries. The synthesis report will ultimately be used to inform both the design and the content of U.S. Department of Transportation evaluations.


The projects objectives are to:

(1) Document experiences in estimating environmental impacts due to congestion pricing implementations.

(2) Recommend an evaluation framework for congestion pricing projects.

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Partner: Technical


Deliverable Name: 
Synthesis report
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Research report or guidelines
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This report presents a summary and analysis of current practices and a set of recommended practices for conducting before-and-after evaluations of congestion pricing projects. This study focuses on the environmental impact areas most commonly considered in the literature; specifically, air quality, noise, and environmental justice (which is sometimes referred to as "equity" and considers how impacts distribute across different types of people, especially low income and minority groups). As environmental impacts are driven by the broader travel impacts of congestion pricing projects, this study also investigated state-of-the-practice and assessed gaps in travel evaluation methodologies, including traffic, transit, and traveler behavior.