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FHWA Highway Safety Programs

LISBOA, Inc. Report on Task A: Review Existing Pedestrian Safety Campaign Materials

Federal Highway Administration
Pedestrian Safety Countermeasures Education

LISBOA, Inc. Report on Task A: Review Existing Pedestrian Safety Campaign Materials
Submitted 1/23/02

LISBOA, Inc. collected 108 pedestrian safety-related campaign items from 16 states and national campaigns as research material for the NPSEOC. These items were each individually reviewed by the Communications Specialist and catalogued. Of the 108 items, 13 were videotapes containing television PSAs; 39 were brochures, booklets or leaflets; and 8 were posters. In addition, there was a CD powerpoint presentation, yard signs, newspaper articles, buttons, a newsletter, some Spanish language material, a zipper pull, wallet card, and a variety of other materials.

As LISBOA began considering themes for the first wave of focus groups, the collected materials were critically evaluated and some video PSAs were shown to focus group participants. Slogans taken from the collected materials were also taken into consideration when ideas were tested in the focus groups to ensure that previous campaigns were not duplicated.

The collected materials varied in focus. Some themes focused solely on pedestrian issues, while other materials reflected a campaign concentration on other safety issues including: bicycling; walking for seniors; safety for children; and walking advocacy. A limited number of the collected items focused on pedestrian safety engineering. The materials that did address pedestrian safety engineering were presented from a technical standpoint and were directed at safety engineers, not the general public. In addition to printed and video materials, LISBOA also collected giveaway adhesive and accessory retro-reflective materials.

See below for an inventory of the collected materials.

Item Code Item Description Item Type
AZ01 Pedestrian Safety: Looking Through the Eyes of a Child Powerpoint CD
AZ02 "Guardians of the Future" Yellow/White Crosswalks 2 videos
AZ03 Phoenix Police Department Photo and Red Light PSAs, School Zone PSA Video
AZ04 Phoenix School Traffic Safety Summit Meeting Binder
AZ05 "Phoenix Handbook for Adult School Crossing Guards" Brochure
AZ06 City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department Folder of materials
CA01 Santa Ana Pedestrian Safety Project Toolkit, Video
CA02 "Crossing Safely is a Two-Way Street" English and Spanish posters
CA03 "Why People Don't Walk and What City Planners Can Do About It" Newsletter
CO01 "Share the Road" TV Spots Video
CO02 "Share the Road" Audio Cassette
CO03 City of Boulder "Pedestrian Crossing Treatment Warrants" 60 page volume
CO04 City of Boulder and Boulder Valley School District "Safe Access to Schools Program" Program Development Report
CO05 "Bicycling and Walking in Colorado: Economic Impact and Household Survey Results" Booklet
CO06 Administration of Bicycle Events on Colorado Roads Instruction Guide
CO07 "Colorado Bicycling Manual: A Guide for Using Roads and Trails" Booklet
CO08 Bicycling in Colorado Rules of the Road Wallet card
CO09 CODOT "Share the Road" Bumper sticker
CO10 Colorado Bicycling Map Fold-out map
CO11 "Share The Road" Bus ads
CO12 "Feet First" Assorted materials
CT01 "Heads Up! Cross Safely" Leaflet
CT02 "Deadly by Design" The Connecticut Department of Transportation's Fatal Neglect of Pedestrian Safety Article
FL01 FL DOT "Listen to Ed. Drive With Your Head" PSAs Video
FL02 FL DOT Children's Safety Village Video
FL03 FL DOT "Crosswalk Safety" Brochure
FL04 "Be Safe Be Seen" Flashing Item 2" button
FL05 "Look Left Right Left" Small brochure
FL06 "Be Safe Be Seen" Item Zipper pull
FL07 Walk Florida "Wanted: Walkable Communities" Brochure
FL08 FL DOT "Close Your Eyes Now, Cross the Street" Brochure
Item Code Item Description Item Type
FL09 "Share the Road" Brochure
FL10 "Walking Is... For You!" Tips for Senior Adults Brochure
FL11 "Walk Alert: Pedestrian Safety for Seniors" Brochure
FL12 "Walk Alert: Stop, Look Left-Right-Left" Brochure
FL13 "Walking for Fun and Fitness in Florida" Brochure
FL14 "Walk Florida" FDOT Retro-reflective sticker
FL15 "Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide" Brochure
FL16 "Dead End" Brochure
FL17 "Foot Traffic" Poster
FL18 FL DOT "Close Your Eyes Now, Cross the Street" Poster
FL19 "See and Be Seen at Crosswalks" Poster
FL20 "Giving Mobility to the Pedestrian" Poster
FL21 "Law Enforcement Guide" Guide book
FL22 "I Yield to Pedestrians" Bumper sticker
KS01 Kansas Bicycle Safety Program Application Form
MA01 Boston Pedestrian Protection Program Audio CD
MA02 BPHC "Walk This Way" Video
MA03 Boston Pedestrian Protection Program Item Orange vest
MA04 Safety Strip & Safety Laces Shoelaces and armband
MA05 WalkBoston "Community Walking Resource Guide" 85 page guide
MA06 "Improving Pedestrian Access to Transit: An Advocacy Handbook" 65 page handbook
MA07 "A Pedestrian Perspective on the Central Artery Project in Downtown Boston" Booklet
MA08 WalkBoston "Walkable Communities: 5 Steps to Making Your Community Safe and Convenient for People on Foot" Brochure
MA09 "Safer Routes to Schools Program" Interim Report Booklet
MA10 "Streetscape Guidelines for Boston's Major Roads" Booklet
MA11 Boston Pedestrian Protection Program "Community Safety Action Kit" Booklet
MA12 BPHC "Walk This Way" Radio PSA
MA13 "Fast Facts" Leaflet
MA14 "Crunch. Thwak. Thud." Poster
MA15 "I Was Jaywalking When it Hit Me" Poster
MA16 "Cambridge: Traffic Calming Works!" Brochure
MD01 "Drive Smart" PSA Video
MD02 "Game Over" PSA Video
MD03 "Walk Smart, Drive Smart" Bumper sticker
MD04 "Walk Smart, Drive Smart" Bookmark
Item Code Item Description Item Type
MD05 "Drive Smart: Watch for Pedestrians/Watch for Cars" Leaflet
MD07 "Walk Smart, Drive Smart" Billboards
MD06 "These Streets are Made for Traveling..." Brochure
NA01 National National Congress of Pedestrian Advocates "Resources" CD-ROM CD-Rom
NA02 National "Safe Kids: The Walkability Check" Brochure
NA03 National "National Strategies for Advancing Child Pedestrian Safety" NHTSA, CDC Booklet
NA04 National "Walk Alert: Pedestrian Safety" Brochure
NA05 National "Walk Alert: Pedestrian Safety for Older Adults" Brochure
NA06 National Rural Youth Injury Highlights Article
NJ01 "Walking Away: The New Jersey Department of Transportation's Fatal Neglect of Pedestrian Safety" Article
NJ02 "Funding Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects in New Jersey" Guide
NJ03 "Pedestrian Safety Progress in NJ Cities Article
NJ04 "Traffic Calming" Report
NV01 Pedestrian Safety PSAs Video
OR01 "Roundabouts" Brochure
SC01 SCDOT "Pedestrian Road Show" CD-Rom
TN01 "I'm Street Smart!" Book cover
TN02 SafeKids Children's Activities Coloring book pages, activities
WA01 "A Guidebook for Student Pedestrian Safety" Report
WA02 "Bicycle Commute Guide" Booklet
WA03 "Recommendations to Reduce Pedestrian Collisions" Booklet
WA04 "Look Again! Pedestrian Safety Demonstration Project Bookmark
WA05 "Bee a Safe Ped" Brochure
WA06 "Look Again! Shoreline Pedestrian Safety Demonstration Project Brochure
WA07 "Best Foot Forward" Newsletter
WA08 Pedestrian Safety and Fact Information for Washington State" Flyer
WA09 "Statewide Strategies to Reduce Pedestrian Collisions, 1999" Article
WI01 Madison Police Dept. Pedestrian Safety PSA Video
WI02 Wisconsin DOT Pedestrian Safety PSAs Video
WI03 WisDOT "We Do" PSA Video
WI04 "Pedestrians and Bicyclists: Points of Law Every Driver Must Know" Brochure
Item Code Item Description Item Type
WI05 Madison Police Department Survey Survey
WI06 "Bicycle Laws of Wisconsin" Brochure
WI07 "School Zone Safety" Brochure
WI08 "'Blades are Sharp. Stay In Line" Brochure
WI09 "Roadsharing: Street Smarts in the 90's" Brochure
WI10 "NOT!" Bookmark
WI11 "Drive 25 Pedestrian Zone" Yard sign
WI12 "Pedestrian Safety: Everyone's Responsibility" Brochure
WI13 Madison Police Department Media Materials
WY01 WYDOT "Walking to Safety" Brochure