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Cinema Slides

The local movie theater can be a terrific way to get the message out to a captive audience. In this kit, we have included electronic versions of eight cinema slides on Data CD1. Hard copies of the slides are not provided because most theaters receive their slides from distributors with very specific formatting requirements. The distributors will need the electronic versions of the slides to duplicate them for use in theaters.

In most cases you will have to find a sponsor to fund this method of communication. Cinema advertising is so profitable for the cinema industry that free placements are rarely provided. Some distributors have PSA rates that are less costly than commercial advertisements, but are still not free. Make use of the fundraising members of your coalition. They may be able to negotiate sponsorship. To find out how your local theatres manage their slides, call during business hours and ask to speak to the manager.

Preview the slides (PDF, 560 Kb)

List of slides:

  • Children crossing the street: "Let Them Cross Safely. Stop for Pedestrians. Think of the Impact You Could Make."
  • Girl looking back while crossing the street: "Stop for Pedestrians. Think of the Impact You Could Make"
  • Mom and daughter: "Stop for Pedestrians. Think of the Impact You Could Make"
  • Aerial view: mom and daughter: "Take the Time to Cross Safely"
  • "Out at night? This shiny stuff could save your life. Wear retroreflective materials and carry a flashlight."
  • "Know Your Pedestrian Traffic Signals. Three pedestrian signs: Start Crossing (Watch for turning cars), Don't Start (Finish crossing if started), Don't Cross."
  • "Si sale de noche, estos materiales reflectores pueden salvar su vida. Use materiales reflectores y lleve una linterna."
  • "Sepa so que significan las senales peatonales."