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Objective 4: Provide Technical Support and Oversight for Major Projects

Meeting the Challenge: Innovative Program Delivery Strategies

  • Research noteworthy practices in overcoming financial and project management challenges associated with major projects.
  • Provide States with training and technical assistance on financial planning, probabilistic cost and schedule estimating, and project management for major projects.
Cost and Schedule Estimating Guidance

The estimated cost of a project is critical information for the public, decisionmakers, and transportation officials when deciding which transportation projects to support. Since important funding decisions are often made during the early stages of planning and programming, when information is sometimes limited and cost estimates can be conceptual in nature, the cost profile of a project is liable to change in subsequent phases. Sometimes these changes can be significant enough to impact initial decisions to advance the project. FHWA promotes the adoption of a risk-based probabilistic cost and schedule estimating approach where estimates are reviewed and updated regularly from the planning and programming stages though the completion of construction. Utilizing this approach helps to ensure that accurate and current cost estimate data is available to all project stakeholders, including project decisionmakers.

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James Sinnette
FHWA Office of Innovative Program Delivery
Tel: 202-366-1561

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Updated: Tuesday, August 7, 2018