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Objective 3: Develop Innovative Procurement and Revenue Generation Tools

Meeting the Challenge: Innovative Program Delivery Strategies

  • Develop technical tools and guides that advance the practice of program delivery.
  • Provide technical assistance to State and local governments in the use of innovative procurement and revenue generation tools.
Public-Private Partnership Toolkit

State departments of transportation (DOTs) are exploring alternative finance and procurement options for large-scale transportation projects. One option is a public-private partnership (P3). FHWA's public-private partnership (P3) Toolkit includes a series of educational tools to help State DOTs and other transportation agencies understand the concepts and technical needs to establish public-private partnerships. The tools include Value for Money analysis tools, including the P3-VALUE analytical tool. A primer on establishing a public-private partnership program also was developed; it was based on a series of roundtable discussions with public and private sector experts documented in a report on P3 Opportunities and Challenges. FHWA is now developing a P3 Best Practices Guide to assist States and local governments in public-private partnership project development, evaluation, procurement, implementation, oversight, and monitoring. Outreach both through Web-based educational sessions and onsite training is being conducted to disseminate the P3 Toolkit to State and local government practitioners and develop the skills they need to use these innovative procurement methods.

Activity Contact

Patrick DeCorla-Souza
FHWA Office of Innovative Program Delivery
Tel: 202-366-4076

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Updated: Tuesday, August 7, 2018