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Objective 2: Support Innovative Financing Approaches that Promote Efficient Project Delivery

Meeting the Challenge: Innovative Program Delivery Strategies

  • Provide technical assistance to State and local governments in the use of innovative project financing mechanisms and funds-management techniques.
  • Develop guides and tools to support State and local transportation agencies in the evaluation and use of innovative financing.
Project Finance Primer for Nontraditional Transportation Funding

One challenge for transportation officials at all levels of government is to identify ways to pay for improvements to the Nation's transportation infrastructure. Despite record levels of investment in surface transportation infrastructure in recent years, traditional funding sources have not kept pace with the investment demands of an aging and increasingly complex U.S. transportation system. For almost two decades, the Federal Government has responded to this investment gap by providing new techniques that complement and enhance existing grant reimbursement programs. The Project Finance Primer describes those techniques and provides examples of their application by State and local partners. The techniques described in the primer will continue to evolve and lay the groundwork for the identification of additional innovative strategies for financing surface transportation investments.

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Frederick Werner 
FHWA Office of Innovative Program Delivery
Tel: 404-562-3680

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Updated: Tuesday, August 7, 2018