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Meeting the Challenges Overview

FHWA's Offices and Programs are Meeting Today's Highway Challenges Through Research

FHWA defines objectives and strategies that guide research, development, and deployment activities across eight groups of offices and programs. Each group targets one or more of the Nation's six key highway challenges.

FHWA R&T Agenda Meeting the Challenges

Car driving on road with windmills in backgroundExploratory Advanced Research Button

Advanced materials and processes reduce our impact on the environment.Federal Lands Button
Performance-based systems use data and advanced reporting practices to better manage and maintain our roads.Infrastructure ButtonCommercial ship sailing underneath a bridgeInnovative Program Delivery Button
People meeting and conversingPlanning, Environment, and Realty ButtonMap of United States with Highway dataPolicy Button
Improved tools and training help transportation agencies deliver projects on time and within budget.Operations ButtonImproved construction and maintenance practices help reduce traffic congestion and travel delays.Safety Button
Updated: Thursday, September 6, 2018