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Meeting the Challenge: Innovative Program Delivery

FHWA never stops working to develop innovative ways to improve the Nation's highway system. Population growth, economic development, and changing regional demographic and industry profiles are forcing transportation agencies to adapt. In times of constrained budgets, FHWA is providing tools and support to enable agencies to pursue innovative approaches to financing and revenue generation.

By providing individualized tools and technical assistance, FHWA helps State and local agencies assess the applicability of available financing options for complex projects so they can build the highways and bridges needed to keep pace with a growing Nation.

FHWA provides guidance on how to make Federal transportation dollars go further. For example, FHWA evaluates the effectiveness of new funding mechanisms, such as grant anticipation revenue vehicles, and makes the findings available to State and local agencies. Training and capacity building programs like the Innovative Program Delivery Academy assist FHWA's partners by increasing staff expertise and knowledge about emerging innovative program delivery options.

Innovative research, guidance, and technical assistance are helping State and local partners understand and implement new approaches to program delivery. These solutions not only provide new funding sources, but also enable more diverse policies and planning options, allowing partners the flexibility to choose the right mix of funding sources to better manage systems and resources.

Objective 1: Conduct Research in the Areas of Financial Stewardship and Innovative Program Delivery


  • Research and document noteworthy practices in the delivery of major projects using innovative program delivery methods and tools.
  • Research public policy, operational, and legislative issues associated with innovative procurement and revenue generation.
  • Gather data on statutory, financial markets, and stewardship issues, as well as revenue options, debt capacity, and performance management.

Showcase Activities

  • Value for Money State-of-the-Practice Research

Visit the Objective 1: Showcase Activities page for more details.

Objective 2: Support Innovative Financing Approaches that Promote Efficient Project Delivery


  • Provide technical assistance to State and local governments in the use of innovative project financing mechanisms and funds-management techniques.
  • Develop guides and tools to support State and local transportation agencies in the evaluation and use of innovative financing.

Showcase Activities

  • Project Finance Primer for Nontraditional Transportation Funding

 Visit the Objective 2: Showcase Activities page for more details.

Objective 3: Develop Innovative Procurement and Revenue Generation Tools


  • Develop technical tools and guides that advance the practice of program delivery.
  • Provide technical assistance to State and local governments in the use of innovative procurement and revenue generation tools.

Showcase Activities

  • Public-Private Partnership Toolkit

 Visit the Objective 3: Showcase Activities page for more details.

Objective 4: Provide Technical Support and Oversight for Major Projects


  • Research noteworthy practices in overcoming financial and project management challenges associated with major projects.
  • Provide States with training and technical assistance on financial planning, probabilistic cost and schedule estimating, and project management for major projects.

Showcase Activities

  • Cost and Schedule Estimating Guidance

 Visit the Objective 4: Showcase Activities page for more details.

Objective 5: Build Technical Expertise at the Federal, State, and Local Levels in the Stewardship of Innovative Program Delivery


  • Develop innovative program delivery experts at the Federal level.
  • Educate, train, and support State and local transportation agencies in the use of innovative program delivery methods and programs.
  • Develop and distribute technical guidance and evaluation tools that support innovative program delivery.

Showcase Activities

  • IPD (Innovative Program Delivery) Academy

 Visit the Objective 5: Showcase Activities page for more details.

Updated: Wednesday, July 18, 2018