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Challenges Overview

FHWA Addresses the Nation’s Key Highway Challenges

FHWA defines objectives and strategies that guide research, development, and deployment activities across eight groups of offices and programs. Each group targets one or more of the Nation's six key highway challenges.

FHWA R&T Agenda Challenges
Image of a rotary with safety pylons lining itAdvancing Safety
Safety is the U.S. Department of Transportation's top priority and is guided by the vision of advancing toward zero deaths and serious injuries.
Image of a rotary with safety pylons lining itEnhancing System Performance
To meet growing demand, transportation agencies need effective tools and research to help decrease highway congestion, safety risks, and wear-and-tear on roadways.
Cars traveling on a highwayImproving Mobility of People and Goods
A growing economy needs highways that safely and reliably move people and goods where they need to go.
Overhead view of cars traveling on a bridgeMaintaining Infrastructure Integrity
Keeping pavements, bridges, and other structures in good condition requires innovations that increase longevity while enabling improved monitoring of road conditions.
Car driving through a tunnelPreparing for the Future
Federal Highway Administration's vision for the Nation's roadways extends beyond today's challenges, anticipating the emerging issues of tomorrow.
A picture of a winding road through a forestPromoting Environmental Sustainability
Environmentally friendly transportation networks benefit more than our highway system and Federal Highway Administration is leading the way.
Updated: Thursday, September 6, 2018