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Challenge: Maintaining Infrastructure Integrity

  • Overhead view of cars traveling on a bridge

    Maintaining Infrastructure Integrity

    Keeping pavements, bridges, and other structures in good condition requires innovations that increase longevity while enabling improved monitoring of road conditions.

As transportation infrastructure ages, maintaining the Nation's highway system in a state of good repair is becoming more complicated and expensive. Poor infrastructure conditions, load restrictions, and long-lasting construction work zones negatively impact safety and lead to driver delay.

In response to this challenge, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is producing innovations that translate into cost savings, reduced delays, and roads and bridges that are safer and last longer, both now and into the future.

Showcase Activities

Research is exploring how transportation agencies can monitor pavement using self-powered wireless sensors systems (Infrastructure) to make more effective and timely maintenance, rehabilitation, and preservation decisions.

FHWA is evaluating the potential of nanomaterials to reduce concrete cracking (Exploratory Advanced Research) to increase the service life of roads and structures.

Rockery design and construction guidelines (Federal Lands) help designers and owners effectively utilize this older, yet versatile form of wall construction for today's highway projects.