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Challenge: Improving the Mobility of People and Goods

As the number of drivers and miles traveled on highways continue to increase, finding ways to make roadways safer and travel times more reliable for all users has never been more important. Improving mobility is about more than improving traveler experience on highways. This critical challenge also affects the Nation's economic competitiveness.

FHWA continuously works to provide tools to meet this challenge using a comprehensive approach that incorporates new technologies and advances in operations, engineering solutions, material sciences, and strategic planning mechanisms.

Showcase Activities

Active Transportation and Demand Management (Operations) offers technologies and operational approaches that help highway operators better manage traffic flow and guide traveler behavior to reduce delays and emissions, improve safety, and maximize system efficiency.

Improving connection of precast concrete bridge deck elements to steel bridge superstructures (Infrastructure) can reduce congestion and related incidents associated with construction zones by accelerating onsite construction activities and improving the quality and service life of bridges.

A field and safety evaluation of mini-roundabouts (Safety) will enhance industry understanding of the potential for this design to reduce congestion and improve safety, when used to replace traditional stop or signal-controlled intersections, within appropriate contexts.