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Challenge: Enhancing System Performance

  • Cars on a highway with a traffic directing sign

    Enhancing System Performance

    To meet growing demand, transportation agencies need effective tools and research to help decrease highway congestion, safety risks, and wear-and-tear on roadways.

As more cars and trucks travel the Nation's highways, the increased traffic eventually leads to congestion, safety hazards, wear-and-tear on roadways and vehicles, driver frustration, and delay. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is providing the research and tools to effectively plan for increased traffic, measure and evaluate roadway performance, and identify desired outcomes. These standardized measurement and data-driven solutions provide transportation agencies with vital information to help make important decisions.

Showcase Activities

The Freight Analysis Framework (Operations) is an inventory that helps freight stakeholders better understand complex freight movements and make cost-effective, timely decisions that improve transportation system operations.

Research and documentation of the Value for Money state of the practice (Innovative Program Delivery) will help transportation agencies make informed decisions about public-private partnerships.

FHWA is leveraging comprehensive and effective national transportation data (Policy) to help agencies better understand the relationships between various data in order to respond more effectively to public demand for highway transportation.

field evaluation of Double Crossover Diamond Interchanges (Safety) is helping transportation professionals apply this innovative design, which addresses both intersection congestion and safety concerns.