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Shurbutt, Jim

First Name: 
Last Name: 
(202) 493-3420
Role Title: 
Program Coordinator
Exploratory Advanced Research Team
Office of Corporate Research, Technology, and Innovation Management
Office Code: 
Backup Person: 
Roles and Responsibilities: 
  • Develop and administer the Exploratory Advanced Research Program
  • Provide budget delivery
  • Work on Exploratory Advanced Research Program partnerships
  • Develop and execute broad agency announcements
  • Provide contract support management
  • Coordinate program publications and exhibits
Jim joined Federal Highway Administration's Office of Safety Research and Development in 2011, and then joined the Exploratory Advanced Research team in 2016. He managed research projects related to complex interchanges, intersections, roadway lines and markings, and other projects related to traffic control devices. He received a B.S. and an M.S. in Behavioral Psychology from Jacksonville State University and a Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University.