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State Statistics

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File Types

All of the selected States maintain basic crash files, roadway inventory files, and traffic files. In addition, individual States also collect other types of data. Depending on the particular problem being studied, files from one or more States may be used by the analyst. The following table indicates the files that are available.

  CA Charlotte, NC IL ME MI MN NC OH UT WA
Crash x x x x x x x x x x
Roadway x x x x x x x x x x
Traffic Volume x x x x x x x x x x
Curve/Grade     x       x x x x
Intersection x x   x   x        
Interchange x   x x x x x     x

Crash — Contains basic crash, unit, and person information on a case-by-case basis. Typical data include crash type, type of vehicle, sex and age of occupants, fixed-object struck, crash severity, and weather conditions.

Roadway — Contains information on roadway cross-section and the type of roadway. Data include the number of lanes, lane width, shoulder width and type, median width, rural/urban designation, and functional classification.

Traffic Volume — Contains annual average daily traffic (AADT) data. Additional data on hourly volumes and percentage of trucks is also available in selected States and/or locations.

Curve/Grade — Contains horizontal curve and vertical grade information. Data include degree of curve, length of curve, percent grade.

Intersection — Contains information on highway intersections. Data include traffic control type, intersection type, signal phasing, and turn lanes.

Interchange — Contains information on highway interchanges. Data include interchange type and ramp characteristics.


Data Quantity

HSIS contains only police-reported crash data on the State-maintained highway system. The size of the State-maintained system depends on the policies of the State and is not necessarily proportional to the size of the State. Data for the original five HSIS States are available from 1985, while data for the three new HSIS States are available from 1991, and data for Ohio is available from 1997. The following table provides an indication of the quantity of data available.

  Years of Available Data
California 1991-2021
Charlotte, NC 2004-2020
Illinois 1985-2021
Maine 1985-2021
Michigan 1985-1997
Minnesota 1985-2021
North Carolina 1990-2020
Washington 1993-1996, 1999-2020
Ohio 1997-2021
Utah 1985-2000