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Studies of ELCSI-PFS

Completed and Published Studies (Technical Reports, Tech Briefs, Papers, and Reference Guides) under, and with the support of, the Development of Crash Modification Factors Program (DCMF):

  1. Safety Evaluation of Increasing Retroreflectivity of STOP Signs.
  2. Safety Evaluation of Flashing Beacons at STOP-Controlled Intersections.
  3. Safety Evaluation of STOP AHEAD Pavement Markings.
  4. Safety Evaluation of Installing Center Two-Way Left-Turn Lanes on Two-Lane Roads.
  5. Safety Evaluation of Improved Curve Delineation.
  6. Safety Evaluation of Offset Improvements for Left-Turn Lanes.
  7. Safety Evaluation of Lane and Shoulder Width Combinations on Rural, Two-Lane, Undivided Roads.
  8. Safety Evaluation of Advance Street Name Signs.
  9. Simulator Evaluation of Low-Cost Safety Improvements on Rural Two-Lane Undivided Roads: Nighttime Delineation for Curves and Traffic Calming for Small Towns.
  10. Evaluation of Pavement Safety Performance.
  11. Enhancing Statistical Methodologies for Highway Safety Research - Impetus from FHWA.
  12. Safety Evaluation of Centerline Plus Shoulder Rumble Strips.
  13. Safety Evaluation of Wet-Reflective Pavement Markings.
  14. Safety Evaluation of Intersection Conflict Warning Systems (ICWS).
  15. Safety Evaluation of Continuous Green T Intersections.
  16. Safety Evaluation of Cable Median Barriers in Combination with Rumble Strips on the Inside Shoulder of Divided Roads.
  17. Safety Evaluation of Red-Light Indicator Lights (RLILs) at Intersections.
  18. Safety Evaluation of Edge-Line Rumble Stripes on Rural Two-Lane Horizontal Curves.
  19. Safety Evaluation of Signalized Restricted Crossing U-Turn Intersections.
  20. Safety Evaluation of Multiple Strategies at Stop-Controlled Intersections.
  21. Safety Evaluation of Corner Clearance at Signalized Intersections.
  22. Safety Evaluation of Profiled Thermoplastic Pavement Markings.
  23. Safety Evaluation of Turning Movement Restrictions at Stop-Controlled Intersections.
  24. Safety Evaluation of Horizontal Curve Realignment on Rural, Two-Lane Roads.
  25. Safety Evaluation of Multiple Strategies at Signalized Intersections.
  26. Safety Evaluation of Pedestrian Countdown Signals (PCS).
  27. Contributing Factors for Focus Crash Facility Types.
  28. Contributing Factors for Focus Crash and Facility Types: Quick Reference Guide.
  29. Developing Crash-Modification Factors for High-Friction Surface Treatments.
  30. Developing Crash-Modification Factors for High-Friction Surface Treatments: Friction Change Report.
  31. High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) Quick Reference; PDF Presentation.
  32. The Development of Crash Modification Factors: Highway Safety Statistical Paper Synthesis. 
  33. Developing Crash Modification Factors for Adaptive Signal Control Technologies.
  34. Developing Crash Modification Factors for bicycle lane additions by reducing lane and shoulder widths.
  35. Developing Crash Modification Factors for guardrails, utility poles, and flattening side slopes.
  36. Developing Crash Modification Factors for variable speed limit.

Completed and in Process Publications:

  1. Safety Evaluation of Bike lane configurations at intersections.
  2. Safety Evaluation of Safety evaluation of mini-roundabouts.
  3. Safety evaluation of wrong way driving (WWD) low cost safety improvements.
  4. A one-day workshop for effective WWD countermeasures.
  5. Safety Evaluation of Innovative Pedestrian Countermeasures at Intersections
  6. Safety Evaluation of Innovative Bicycle Countermeasures at Intersections

Please see Publications for final study products.

Last updated: Wednesday, October 12, 2022