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ELCSI-PFS 2013 TAC Meeting Agenda

FHWA Evaluation of Low-Cost Safety Improvements Pooled Fund Study 2013 Technical Advisory Committee Meeting

NHI Facility (Virginia Room), Arlington, Virginia

May 21 - 22, 2013


** Morning Session – 8:00 AM ET **

  • Welcome and Vision—Roya Amjadi and Carol Tan,
  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  • Introductions and Overview of Meeting—Kim Eccles,
  • Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB)
  • Background and Review of Study to Date
    • Mission, Objectives, and History of the Study—Kim Eccles, VHB
    • Evaluation Study Designs—Frank Gross, VHB
  • DCMF Overview—Jon Soika, VHB
    • Combination of Centerline & Edgeline Rumble Strips—Craig Lyon, Persaud & Lyon
    • Update on South Carolina Statewide Intersection Improvements—Joey Riddle, SCDOT
    • Phase VII
      • Intersection Conflict Warning Systems—Frank Gross, VHB
      • Pavement Marking Types and Characteristics—Craig Lyon, Persaud & Lyon
  • Peer Exchange Discussion

** BREAK – 10:00 AM ET **

  • A Focused Approach to Pedestrian Safety— Tamara Redmon and Gabe Rousseau, FHWA
    • Phase VII (continued)
      • Pedestrian Safety in Florida—Rickey Fitzgerald, FDOT
      • Pedestrian Signals, Signing, and Markings—Daniel Carter, The University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center (UNC-HSRC)
      • Driver Feedback Signs—Eric Donnell, Penn State University
  • Peer Exchange Discussion
  • Advances in Pavement and Phase VI
    • FHWA Every Day Counts: High Friction Surface Treatments—Mike Moravec, FHWA
    • Update on Phase VI: Pavement Safety Performance—Dave Merritt, Transtec
    • Surface Aggregates and Pavement Friction—Rick Meininger, FHWA
    • Porous Graded Asphalt—Eric Weaver, FHWA
  • Peer Exchange Discussion

** LUNCH – 11:45 AM ET **

** Afternoon Session – 12:45 PM ET **

  • MAP-21 and its Implications to Highway Safety Programs and Initiatives
    • HSIP Perspective—Karen Scurry, FHWA
    • Data Perspective—Ray Krammes, FHWA
    • Cost Estimates for Collecting MIRE Subset—Stuart Thompson, FHWA
    • CDIP & RDIP—Ray Krammes, FHWA
    • Question and Answer Session
  • General State Safety Reports
    • Connecticut—Joe Ouellette, ConnDOT
    • Arizona—Kohinoor Kar, ADOT
  • Peer Exchange Discussion

** BREAK – 2:30 PM ET **

  • NCHRP 17-61 and Work Zone Safety Countermeasures—Mike Fontaine, Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research (VCTIR)
  • Recent or Ongoing Safety Initiatives at FHWA
    • FHWA Roadway Safety Data Program Highlights
      • Road Safety Data Peer Exchanges: What We Heard—Kim Eccles, VHB
      • Developing National Actions for Improving Safety Data Systems—Ray Krammes, FHWA
      • Discussion and Q&A
    • Safety Research on Motorcyclist Safety—Craig Thor, FHWA
    • Tree Crash Analysis—Roya Amjadi, FHWA
  • Peer Exchange Discussion

Adjourn – 4:20 PM (Building locks at 4:30 PM … LEAVE your name tent, TAKE everything else)


** Morning Session – 8:00 AM ET **

  • Day 1 Recap—Kim Eccles, VHB
  • Alternative Intersections and Safety
    • Missouri Experiences—John Miller, MoDOT
    • Tennessee Experiences—Brian Hurst, TDOT
    • Utah Experiences—Scott Jones, UDOT
    • Michigan Experiences—Mark Bott, MDOT
    • Evaluation of the Diverging Diamond Interchange—Wei Zhang, FHWA
    • FHWA Every Day Counts: Intersection and Interchange Geometrics—Jeff Shaw, FHWA
    • Research Outlook—Joe Hummer, Wayne State University
  • Peer Exchange Discussion

** BREAK – 10:00 AM ET **

  • General State Safety Reports
    • Montana—Kraig McLeod, MDT
    • Ohio—Michael McNeill, ODOT
  • Update from the Human Factors Team—Jim Shurbutt, FHWA
  • Looking Forward
    • DCMF Marketing, Communication, and Outreach Plan—Patty Hardee, Voice Associates
    • Planning for Next Year—Jon Soika, VHB
  • TAC Balloting and Future Direction of the Study—Roya Amjadi, FHWA
  • Meeting Summary—Kim Eccles, VHB

Adjourn – 12:00 PM ET

Last updated: Monday, December 2, 2019