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R&T Portfolio: Transportation Data

The Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) Transportation Data and Information (TDI) program collects, analyzes, and publishes data that enables the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), State departments of transportation (DOTs), and local governments to make informed policy decisions about transportation and investment in transportation infrastructure, promote transparency, and increase accountability. The TDI’s research and development (R&D) effort has focused on development and deployment of efficient data-collection methods for data timelines, cost effectiveness, and quality improvements. The R&D work also has focused on data analytics in areas of data integration and visualization, partnership building with other public entities, private businesses, research institutes and academic institutions to expedite both the development and deployment of technologies and prevent duplicative and redundant work.

The TDI program covers data in areas of highway infrastructure inventory, travel condition, pavement condition, future travel demand, multimodal travel behavior, licensed drivers, registered vehicles, fuel consumption, and local, State and Federal highway financing, including both revenue and expenditures.

Program Objectives:

  • Develop and deploy effective data collection and data analysis methodologies.
  • Develop and deploy effective data policy and technical guidance and provide hands-on training and coaching to States and local metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) on data acquisition and analysis.
  • Develop and deploy effective data visualization technology for easy public access and utilization.
  • Explore new alternative approaches, and strategies to acquire needed data in a cost-effective, quality-driven, and timely manner.

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