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R&T Portfolio: Infrastructure Research and Technology

The extensive highway system in the United States facilitates an enormous amount of travel and represents trillions of dollars of public investment. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) engages in forward-looking research to enable and support improvements in highway infrastructure safety, resilience, sustainability and condition. FHWA’s infrastructure R&T programs focus on critical national challenges in areas such as infrastructure design, construction, preservation, rehabilitation, management, materials, and safety. These programs enable and support effective infrastructure performance management, improve sustainability and resiliency, and extend the longevity of the first-rate highway system in the United States, with impacts that will span generations.

Infrastructure safety, longevity, and sustainability depend on durable materials, good design, quality construction, and timely and appropriate preservation. The FHWA’s Offices of Infrastructure and Infrastructure Research and Development (R&D) oversee a variety of programs that enable and support improvements in the condition, performance, and sustainability of our national transportation infrastructure. Through funding, research, technical assistance, and accountable performance management, FHWA is working to enhance productivity and performance, reduce operational and replacement costs, and ensure a world-class highway system long into the future.

Infrastructure Research Activities

Targeted investments and effective partnerships improve program and project decision-making by using a data-driven approach, asset management principles, and performance-based programs. Explore how the FHWA is investing in infrastructure below.

 "Header image with text - Construction and Project Management"
"Header image with text - Structures" "Header image with text - Pavement and Materials"
"Header image with text - Deployment of Pavement Technologies" "Header image with text - Transportation Performance Management"
"Header image with text - Geotechnical and Hydraulics" "Header image with text - Long-Term Infrastructure Performance"


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