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Cross-Cutting Results

Several cross-cutting recommendations discuss marketing and communications actions that support research and technology development projects. These include:

  • Incorporating market research into projects involving the development of a new technology or process to better understand market conditions (e.g., acceptance, barriers to use, etc.) that may affect adoption.
  • Incorporating outreach into research planning to ensure the process includes tech transfer, process training, and/or deployment support.
  • Improving internal protocols for research dissemination, including reaching consensus on external messaging and marketing/outreach activities.

Other recommendations suggest further incorporation of program evaluation into the research process, which include:

  • Identifying key performance measures during research planning process, identify or develop sources of data, and collect baseline measures as necessary.
  • Regularly tracking dissemination activities (document postings, webinars, trainings) and related usage activities (views, downloads, attendance).
  • Identifying related research that may support the program down the road (e.g., strategies for cost reduction, project management and oversight, etc.).

Completed reports can be found here.

Updated: Monday, December 2, 2019