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Deep Foundation Load Test Database (DFLTD) - Version 2.0

In the 1980s, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) began the collection of research quality load test data and associated subsurface information leading to the development of the first version of the FHWA Deep Foundation Load Test Database (DFLTD v.1). The objective was to serve as a centralized data repository of soil and load test information for use by States, universities, consultants, contractors, and other agencies with the principal goal of optimizing the design, construction, and maintenance of bridge foundations and other highway infrastructure as well as other geotechnical design activities. In total, the DFLTD v.1 included over 2,500 soil tests and over 1,500 load tests on various types of piles and drilled shafts.

Read More about the FHWA Deep Foundation Load Test Database at the ASCE Library.

In 2014, FHWA initiated a research study to evaluate the bearing resistance of Large Diameter Open-End Piles (LDOEPs). As part of this study, the DFLTD was revitalized and updated to a current operating system; DFLTD v.2 includes 155 additional axial load tests specifically on LDOEPs. The modifications required the development of additional database fields from DLFLTD v.1, including an extensive list of data associated with soil site conditions, LDOEP properties and installation, and axial load testing results. Like the original version of the database, the updated DFLTD v.2 contains the forms, queries, and auxiliary tables necessary for data inquiry, viewing, and export. Load test types include axial static, rapid (Statnamic), and dynamic load tests. Foundation types include open- and closed-end steel pipe piles, concrete cylinder piles, steel H-piles, prestressed concrete piles, drilled shafts, augercast piles, micropiles, timber piles, and others.

A user manual for the DFLTD v.2 is available through FHWA-HRT-17-034 which provides an overview of the new deep foundation load test database and describes the database installation procedures and viewing module. The user manual also describes the database query tools along with the process for data retrieval, data entry, and data visualization.

Read more about the Development of Guidelines for Bearing Resistance of Large Diameter Open-End Steel Piles through FHWA-HRT-20-011.

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This system will benefit Federal and State agencies, universities, consultants and contractors, administrators and managers, design engineers and planners, and research and development professionals.


System Requirements

  • 80MB hard disk space; Microsoft® Windows® operating system, versions 7 or 10.
  • Microsoft® Access™ 2010 database or greater.

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Last updated: Tuesday, July 19, 2022