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Speed Management

Speed management focuses on how to set and enforce speed limits. It is a complex issue that involves both engineering and behavioral factors. Ultimately, motorists decide on a speed to travel in a given circumstance. As a result, a significant aspect of speed management research is to investigate how motorists arrive at that decision.

Speed management researchers develop and test engineering measures and technologies to manage speed while seeking ways to encourage wider adoption of travel speeds appropriate for the class of road, roadway design, and travel conditions.

Current work includes development, evaluation, and deployment of Dynamic Speed Feedback Signs (DSFS). A DSFS system consists of a speed-measuring device—such as a loop-detector or radar—and a message sign that displays feedback to those drivers who exceed a predetermined speed threshold. In a national field evaluation of these systems on horizontal curves on rural two-lane roadways, vehicle speeds and associated crashes were reduced.

Updated: Monday, December 2, 2019