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Cooperative Automation Research Mobility Applications (CARMA) Overview

Figure 1. Photo. Four cars with the CARMA platform enabled demonstrate platooning ability. This image shows three vehicles on the right traveling in platoon formation along a roadway. A fourth car on the right is getting ready to join the three-car platoon.  Yellow circles on the floor under the vehicles show the cars have connectivity functions. The yellow dotted lines above the cars are connected between each vehicle to show the cars are sending messages to each other. The image has three words listed along a dotted line, innovation, collaborate, and open source mobility.

What Is CARMA?

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) developed the innovative CARMA platform to encourage collaboration with the goal of improving transportation efficiency and safety. FHWA’s interest in advancing Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) strategies with automated driving technology focused on how infrastructure can move traffic more efficiently.

CARMA enables Automated Driving Systems (ADS) to facilitate cooperative tactical maneuvers with other vehicles and roadway infrastructure though communication. CARMA was designed using open source software and is available on GitHub. The unique platform was created to be vehicle and technology agnostic. CARMA enables the research and development (R&D) of cooperative automated driving system (CADS) capabilities to support TSMO. CARMA will develop a concept of operations for new TSMO strategies, such as identifying Traffic Incident Management (TIM) scenarios that provide new strategies for first responder use cases interacting with ADS. Beyond reducing traffic congestion and improving transportation safety, CARMA will support industry collaboration and expand on existing automation capabilities to reduce R&D time and advance cooperative automated driving technology.

To learn more about the design and evolution of the CARMA software platform as well as opportunities to collaborate with CARMA, please visit our open platform page, collaboration page, GitHub site, and Confluence site.

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Updated: Tuesday, June 11, 2019