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Reasons for Drivers Failing To Yield at Multi-Lane Roundabout Exits: Transportation Pooled Fund Study Final Report

FHWA-HRT-23-023.pdf (18.12 MB)

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Publication Type:
Technical Report
Publication Number:

This document discusses how roundabouts represent an important intersection control strategy for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) due to their ability to drastically reduce severe crashes. They are listed as one of FHWA’s Proven Safety Countermeasures. Since FHWA published its first roundabout informational guide in 2000, the estimated number of roundabouts in the United States has grown from fewer than a hundred to several thousand.


As roundabouts become more common across a wide range of traffic conditions, roundabouts with more than one lane are seeing increased use. These multi-lane roundabouts have demonstrated good safety performance with respect to crashes involving injuries or fatalities, but some multi-lane roundabouts have experienced higher-than-desired property damage only (PDO) crashes, especially at exits. This final report details the work performed for a Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) project that investigates root causes and contributing factors for PDO crashes near multi-lane roundabout exits. The findings presented here provide guidance to practitioners and public agencies in support of proactive reductions in the potential for crashes at new multi-lane roundabouts and possible countermeasures to reduce PDO crashes at existing sites.



Recommended citation: Federal Highway Administration,Reasons for Drivers Failing To Yield at Multi-Lane Roundabout Exits: Transportation Pooled Fund Study Final Report (Washington, DC: 2023)

Publishing Date:
March 2023
Posting Date:
Digital Object Identifier:
Medina , Alejandra
Bansen, Justin
Williams, Brian
Pochowski, Alek
Rodegerdts, Lee
Markosian, Jamie
Li, Yingfeng
Gibbons, Ronald
Publishing Office:
Office of Safety and Operations Research and Development
FHWA Program(s):
AMRP Program(s):
Safety Data and Analysis
FHWA Activities:
Subject Area:
Operations and Traffic Management