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Technical Support for the DYNASMART-P Release and Applications

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Dynamic Network Assignment-Simulation Model for Advanced Roadway Telematics - Planning version (DYNASMART-P) is a new generation of traffic analysis tools developed under the Federal Highway Administration Dynamic Traffic Assignment research project in support of traffic operations and planning decisions in the Intelligent Transportation System and non-Intelligent Transportation System environments. The main objectives of this project are to provide training courses on DYNASMART-P; provide technical support to the Federal Highway Administration and DYNASMART-P users; and refine DYNASMART-P. The Federal Highway Administration is currently promoting the use of DYNASMART-P in the professional community for region-wide transportation operations planning to address operational issues in the transportation planning process and develop and evaluate traffic management and control strategies, particularly in the Intelligent Transportation System context. Providing technical support of DYNASMART-P and DYNASMART-P editor is also essential to the Federal Highway Administration’s major initiatives and research and development activities, such as integrated corridor management, emergency transportation operations, linking operations, and planning. The Federal Highway Administration will seek technical support from DYNASMART-P and DYNASMART-P editor experts through this technical support contract.


To promote the use of Dynamic Traffic Assignment through workshops and by providing technical support to Dynamic Network Assignment-Simulation Model for Advanced Roadway Telematics - Planning version (DYNASMART-P) users. Improvements to the DYNASMART-P code may be possible and would be contingent on funding.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007
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Friday, December 31, 2010
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Transportation Systems Management and Operations
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Transportation Management

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