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Pavement Performance Measures and Forecasting, and the Effects of Maintenance and Rehabilitation Strategy on Treatment Effectiveness

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While many research projects were conducted to study the efficacy of the pavement maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) activities, there remains a great need for improved understanding of how maintenance and rehabilitation treatments perform in series and over the pavement life. This project aims to advance the state of knowledge in estimating pavement performance, selecting cost-effective pavement treatment strategy, and extending the life of the pavement structure. The anticipated outcomes from this research are described as follows. (1) Developing simplified and implementable but advanced analyses techniques for: Establishing pavement condition classification system that accurately reflects the true pavement conditions and rates of deterioration and can be used in the determination of the optimum (most cost effective) treatment application timing. Studying and communicating the effects of various pavement treatment strategies on the life-cycle cost and longevity of the pavement structures.Assessing the roles of pavement maintenance, preservation and rehabilitation on the longevity of the pavement structures and the agency life-cycle costs.Estimating the remaining service life (RSL) (2 and 3) and the new remaining service interval (RSI) of damaged pavement sections. (2) Linking the analyses results and the pavement performance measures of the various Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) test sections for widespread use by the various State highway agencies (SHAs). (3) Enhancing the selection of cost-effective series of pavement maintenance, preservation, and rehabilitation actions (the long-term (lifecycle) pavement treatment strategy) that are needed over the life of the pavement systems to maximize their longevity.


The objectives of this research are:

  • Advance the development of pavement performance measures to classify the various pavement sections relative to their condition states.
  • Estimate future pavement conditions.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of pavement maintenance and rehabilitation treatments.
  • Analyze the role of pavement treatment strategies in increasing the cost effectiveness of pavement treatments and extending the pavement life.
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Monday, September 30, 2013
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Saturday, December 31, 2016
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Long-Term Infrastructure Performance Program
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Long-Term Pavement Performance

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Yan (Jane)
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(202) 493-3149
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Long-Term Infrastructure Performance Team
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