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Countermeasures to Hand-Emplaced Attack Methods on Steel Bridge Members

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From field evaluation reports, the project will inventory bridge members and Hand-Emplaced Improvised Explosive Devices (HEIEDs) modes of attack. The project will list, and provide a rating for, existing or recommended HEIED retrofit measures of two kinds: Access Control and Blast/Cutting Mitigation.  For each member, the project will establish performance requirements for HEIED countermeasures and assess retrofit upgrade options. The project will develop and test selected retrofit upgrade options. Finally, it will develop Material and Design Specifications and a Process Control Manual, and will develop recommendations for effective field implementation of these methods.


  • Establish the performance requirements for two types of countermeasures to Hand-Emplaced Improvised Explosive Devices (HEIEDs): Access Control Devices and Blast/Cutting Mitigation Components.   
  • Develop research program recommendations (Development and Testing) for improving countermeasure performance in the following areas: Access Control Devices and Blast/Cutting Mitigation Components.
  • Develop recommendations for implementation of access control and blast/cutting mitigation for HEIEDs, which includes methods currently available and those improvements developed under this research.
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015
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Monday, September 30, 2019
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Long-Term Infrastructure Performance Program

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