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Computer-Based Guidelines for Curing Concrete

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The SmartCure system was developed for the Federal Highway Administration as an aid for evaluating curing conditions during paving, and to provide reliable and realistic guidelines on proper curing. The system consists of measuring components connected to a laptop computer operating a Windows®-based software program. Further work is required for successful implementation of the SmartCure system. Fiscal Year 2005 funds were used to initiate this research study. Field evaluations for the SmartCure were completed onsite during real pavement projects on three locations in Fiscal Year 2007 and Fiscal Year 2008. The field evaluation phase proved the SmartCure system as functional, reliable, and accurate in the field. The system successfully relates ambient weather conditions to fresh concrete properties, and alerts the user of potentially critical conditions based on user defined or default thresholds. Most immediate problems regarding components and software were addressed during, or just after, individual site visits. However, some problems encountered in the field could not be readily addressed and will require future work for successful implementation of the SmartCure system. It became clear that future work should focus on the development of a more portable SmartCure system housing for the laptop and its accessories. Ideally, a more compact and wireless version of the current system would best meet the needs of a field environment. Not only would the laptop equipment be less of a burden on the cure cart operator, but the automatic, real-time calculation of distance between the paver and cure cart would be obtainable. SmartCure works; the system is just not as practical for the field as it could and needs to be for implementation. Future work should focus on optimizing practicality by making the system wireless. Also, replacing the laptop with a hand-held receiver (e.g. pocket PC or cell phone) that could receive the warnings and recommendations SmartCure generates would increase practicality by offering mobility, thereby making the system less obtrusive to the cure cart operator. A hand-held, wireless receiver would allow an inspector, project manager, or paving supervisor to be more aware of curing conditions no matter where they are on the job, as opposed to only the cure cart operator standing next to the laptop screen.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
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Saturday, January 15, 2011
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Pavement and Materials

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Long-Term Infrastructure Performance Team
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