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Collection of Data for Performance-Management of Walls, Slopes, and Nonbridge, Nonpavement Assets

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Saturday, October 1, 2011
End Date: 
Saturday, December 31, 2016
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Transportation; Construction; Maintenance; Infrastructure; Research; Retaining Walls; Culverts; Slopes; Embankments
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Bridges and other structures, Highways, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Research, Design, Data and Information Technology, Maintenance and Preservation, Geotechnology

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(202) 493-3025
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Infrastructure Materials Team
Office of Infrastructure Research and Development
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This project is a collection of four separate tasks with a common focus on the collection of data for performance management of walls, slopes, and nonbridge, nonpavement assets.


(1) Deep Patch Repair (Phase 2 project): Follow up to Phase 1 report FHWA-WFL/TD-12-003 verification the results of the numerical analysis and the design procedure presented in the phase one report by constructing full-scale instrumented test patch sections to include any modifications to design procedures outlined in the phase 1 report.  

(2) Synthesis on Real-Time Automated Geotechnical Data Collection Systems: Investigate the current products available for real-time monitoring of geotechnical structures and develop a report that provides a general overview of automated data collection systems for geotechnical applications and comprehensive guidelines for designing these systems for remote monitoring of the engineering performance of new and existing structures in real time.

(3) Exploration of Innovative Lateral Deformation Monitoring Technologies: A review of current practices and systems currently available and installed on existing geotechnical structures for case history assessment will be performed. Microeletromechanical systems (MEMS) technology will be evaluated for accuracy, resolution, sensitivity, linearity, noise, and error in a controlled, laboratory setting.

(4) Advanced Geotechnical Instrumentation for Measurement of Lateral Earth Pressure: Review existing methods to measure lateral earth pressure and evaluate the use of new instrumentation (i.e. tactile pressure sensors). Test pressure sensors in the laboratory and identify methods to make the sensors more durable for field applications.