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Clear Roads Highway Operations Pooled Fund (continued from TPF-5(092)

Project Information

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Start Date: 
Friday, January 1, 2010
End Date: 
Monday, December 31, 2012
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Winter Maintenance; Operations; Research; Safety; Preservation; Icy Roads; Highways
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Subject Area: 
Maintenance and Preservation

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(202) 366-9242
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Transportation Enabling Technologies Team
Office of Operations Research and Development
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Project Details

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The Clear Roads pooled fund project began in 2004 with four members and a focus on real-world testing of winter maintenance materials, methods, and equipment. During its 5 years of funding and overseeing research projects, the pooled fund grew to include 14 member States funding 2 or 3 research projects annually. As the group grew, however, there was much interest in expanding the project scope to include more technology transfer and direct support for staff in the field. The group proposes to close the original pooled fund project, TPF-092, and request funding and support for a new Clear Roads Web site ( for both the history and latest information on this project. This new Clear Roads pooled fund project will maintain its focus on advancing winter highway operations nationally but will include a more pronounced emphasis on State agency needs, technology transfer, and implementation; specifically through conducting structured field testing and evaluation across a range of winter conduction; establishing industry standards and developing performance measures for evaluating and utilizing new materials and technologies; conducting cost-benefit analysis to ensure that new technologies, materials, or methods contribute to operational efficiency; supporting the exchange of information and ideas via peer exchanges, and collaborative research efforts that provide opportunities for winter maintenance specialists; and promoting public education and outreach related to winter maintenance and winter driving safety.