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Addressing the Challenges and the Return on Investment for Paperless Project Delivery (e-Construction)

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Under this project, the contractor shall assess what State and local highway agencies are doing to transition to a more paperless project delivery system. The scope covers the time from when a project is advertised to when the final project is accepted and includes the processes used both in the central office and out in field offices and on the jobsite. The focus of this project is to document the return on investment for moving in this direction, and as a result, emphasis should be placed on documenting the costs (in terms of human and capital resources), benefits (tangible and intangible), and challenges encountered by agencies. The project shall also develop recommendations to overcome or address the challenges agencies interested in going more paperless would encounter. The results of the study should be applicable to various types, sizes, and scopes of roadway projects.


Assess how some highway agencies are transitioning to a more paperless project delivery system (e-Construction) and document the cost, benefits, and challenges of doing so.

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Friday, August 1, 2014
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Monday, August 1, 2016
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