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Addressing Challenges in Intelligent Construction Systems and Technologies

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Under this project study, the contractor shall address gaps identified for Intelligent Construction Systems and Technologies (ICST) from project development through construction and develop guidance for State highway agencies to assist them in determining how best to use ICST to improve accelerated delivery. The scope of the study covers various types, sizes, and scopes of transportation projects using ICST delivered by State highway agencies. The study involves collecting, organizing and analyzing data from various State highway agencies and other facility owners using ICST. Under this contract, the contractor shall address the objectives detailed in the Key Project Objectives field.


  • Develop design procedures, design manuals, applications, etc. for highway agencies to properly generate accurate three-, four-, and five-dimensional (3-, 4-, 5- D) models for downstream uses in construction and other phases of project delivery standardized base.
  • Document Intelligent Construction Systems and Technologies (ICST) success stories and best practices, and best uses for individual technologies.
  • Document the types of costs and resources required by industry and agencies for implementation of these technologies, and their associated return on investment.
  • Document the ICST challenges in the areas of surveying, utilities, real-time verification, and data management.
  • Provide a technology development plan to address the challenges and opportunities encountered in the project. 
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Tuesday, October 1, 2013
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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