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How To Get LTPP Data

LTPP InfoPave™ 

Launched in 2014, the Long-Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) InfoPave™ web portal is the public gateway to access data and other information about the program. The web portal is designed to improve access to LTPP data, as well as findings from data analyses and extensive documentation for the many aspects of LTPP experiments, including design, data acquisition, quality control, and data dissemination. In addition to providing access to LTPP data, the portal also provides information, education, and tools to maximize the use of available data.

Standard Data Release

A second method by which to receive LTPP data is through the Standard Data Release (SDR). The SDR contains the LTPP data in an access database format and can be downloaded from InfoPave™ or by contacting the LTPP Customer Support Service Center.

Ancillary Data and Information

Some data are not stored in the pavement performance database and not included with the SDR, typically because of intensive storage memory requirements. Point-by-point road profile, falling weight deflectometer (FWD) time-history waveforms, distress map data, and raw traffic data are a few examples. However, this data may still be requested through a custom data extraction. While requests may be filled free-of-cost, limitations exist based on the level of effort required to fulfill the request. These requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis. To request ancillary data and information, please contact the LTPP Customer Support Service Center.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback can be submitted to LTPP Customer Support Service by using a Data Analysis/Operations Feedback Report, a mechanism used to report any problems or suspicions about the data. LTPP investigates the report, and investigation results are posted on the LTPP website.

Customer Support

In an effort to provide a positive experience for our customers, we are available to provide additional support for your data extraction or to get other information about the LTPP program. We encourage you to contact us.

LTPP Customer Support Service Center 
Telephone: 202–493–3035
Fax: 202–493–3161