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Intersection Review Module

The Intersection Review Module (IRM) performs a diagnostic review to systematically evaluate an intersection design for typical safety concerns.

The IRM is an expert system that leads the user through a systematic evaluation of an existing or proposed intersection geometric design to identify potential safety concerns and possible treatments to address those concerns. The review considers design issues including:

  • Intersection configuration: multileg intersections, skewed intersections, offset T-intersections, and more than one minor-road approach on the same side of the major road
  • Horizontal alignment: intersection on horizontal curve, curve on intersection leg, and approach alignment differing between opposing approaches
  • Vertical alignment: intersection on crest vertical curve, crest or sag vertical curve on intersection approach, steep grade through intersection, and continuity of minor-road profile through intersection
  • Intersection sight distance

The IRM can provide useful input to project scoping, preliminary engineering, and design review.

See IHSDM Library for References.

Updated: Monday, December 2, 2019