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Explore the Research and Technology (R&T) Site

Thanks for visiting the Federal Highway Administration’s new R&T website. Make sure you note (and bookmark) our new website address:

Besides the new look and feel, the biggest change you will see on the site is simpler navigation. On the R&T Home Page, you will notice a blue box about halfway down the page. Scroll down to navigate and explore the R&T site. It looks like this:

Picture of the Explore Research and Technology menus on the FHWA Research landing page

Site Breakdown

These are the sections of the site for you to explore:

About Research and Technology discusses an overview of the FHWA R&T Program, including leadership, goals, agenda, legislation, and budget.

Research and Development showcases research conducted by the agency and other areas of interest such as performance evaluations and research results.

Technology and Innovation Deployment is a new section and will contain information about new technologies, innovations, and market-ready improvements that can be implemented to enhance safety, operations, environmental impacts, and longevity of the transportation system.

Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center is FHWA’s premier research facility with more than 16 indoor and outdoor laboratories that conduct research in collaboration with national and international partners. Find research peers who are known worldwide for their expertise in their subject areas. Or, contact us to take a tour of our facility and labs.

Resources contains FHWA’s Public Roads magazine, research and technical publications, and software downloads.

Opportunities/Partnerships contains information about how you can get involved with research and partnership programs.

Getting Back Home

Once you are inside the research site, you will notice a link at the top of the site called, “Explore Research and Technology.”

An image of an example of a left side navigation menu with the "Explore Research and Technology" as the top hyperlink


If you need help navigating the site or would like to provide feedback, please send a quick email to

Updated: Friday, August 3, 2018