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Some of the tools currently being developed to extract information from the video data are:

  1. Automated video decoding/data extraction.
  2. Automated extraction of facial features from video.
  3. Automated masking of the identity of participants.
"The image shows the view of an intersection on the road as seen from inside a vehicle. There is a building on the left with a light pole and some trees at a distance. Outside the building there are two pedestrian signals enclosed by blue boxes. There is one pedestrian walking on the sidewalk with a red rectangular box around him. There are two oncoming vehicles stopped at the intersection. There are two pedestrians crossing the intersection from left to right and each pedestrian is enclosed in a red box. There is one building on the right side of the image and a signal pole with a sign depicting the name of the street. On the right, outside the building, are two pedestrian signals enclosed in blue boxes. Outside the building on the walkway there is a bus shelter. A number of trees are seen along the road outside the building. At the bottom of the image there is a steering wheel on the left side and the vehicle dash board on the right side showing a compartment. At the top of the image, the viewer can see the vehicle’s rear-view mirror."

An example of information extraction from video data. The red boxes indicate the presence of pedestrians identified by the image extraction tool. The blue boxes indicate pedestrian signals identified by the image extraction tool.