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Quick Incident Detection and Warning

Project Information

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Project Status: 
Start Date: 
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
End Date: 
Monday, September 30, 2013
FHWA Program: 
Small Business Innovation Research
FHWA Topics: 
Road Operations and Congestion--Emergency Response
TRT Terms: 
Incident Detection; Traffic Incidents; Incident Management; Operations; Research; Light Emitting Diodes; Highway Traffic Control
FHWA Discipline: 
TRB Subject Area: 
Operations and Traffic Management, Safety and Human Factors

Contact Information

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(202) 493-3484
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Project Details

Project Description: 

his is a Small Business Innovation Research Phase II project that will develop a quick incident detection and warning system. The system will be able to detect and locate a highway system in a matter of a few seconds, and issue warnings through roadside light-emitting diode flashers. The major tasks of the project include developing a new type of low-cost, low energy consumption sensor that can be massively deployed along the roadside; developing a wireless communication network that can provide communication between sensors, warning lights, and a central computer; developing software/firmware for incident detection and location, and for issuing warnings; integrating the system and conducting field tests on highways; and commercializing and marketing the product.


Deliverable Name: 
A prototype system and final report
Deliverable Type: 
Research report or guidelines
Deliverable Description: 
A functional prototype system with a manual and final report.